All The Movies Leaving Netflix On January 1

Hopefully you've gotten your fix of Nora Ephron's classic You've Got Mail because it's going to be gone by January 2015.
Not only is Netflix informing its users about what titles are being added to its streaming collection every month, but it's gone and released its list of what's getting the boot. At least it'll have some excuse to give when users who don't heed its warnings come barging on its digital door, fuming that Love Actually doesn't exist on its platform anymore. ("But, it was there yesterday!" "Sir, you, like everyone else, were notified of this.")
A ton of classics like Manhattan and 12 Angry Men are leaving early next year, and in all, more than 60 titles are being cut. This is probably due to the fact that Friends is coming to Netflix and 236 episodes take up a lot of cloud space. I don't know. Siri, please advise.

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