Friends Is Finally Coming To Netflix!

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
Mark your calendars and plan on extending your holiday vacation an extra day or two because come January 1, 2015, it's going to be you, the couch, some unhealthy food, and the gang from Central Perk. Yep, Friends is coming to Netflix. In full.
The streaming service announced October 15 that all 10 seasons will be available to binge-watch in the new year. And, as a person who has maybe seen two episodes of this apparently iconic television show in his life, this is pretty exciting.
Yes, I know. It's a shame I haven't spent hours of my life glued to Friends. Admittedly, I've always felt like I missed out on something pretty stellar; I just never understood the appeal. Plus, Carrie Bradshaw made me swear on Chanel once. But, this virgin Friends viewer, can pop my cherry. Hooray? Hooray because now I won't feel so left out when coworkers debate whether wearing a wedding dress on a non-wedding day is considered feminist. I'll understand why Joey was perfect for Rachel. I'll know not to believe these fabled truths the series promoted. Hell, I could even be convinced to turn to Friends when I'm feeling bored instead of Sex and the City!
Weeeeeell, let's not lose our Choos just yet. SATC is irreplaceable.

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