Sunglasses For People Who Are Sure They Won't Lose Them

I’m a loser. What I mean to say is, I lose things. Specifically, sunglasses. So, today, while most of the fashion world is celebrating #nationalsunglassday, I will be in mourning. The day, for me, is just a painful reminder (Nay, a time for memorial!) of all the sunglasses that I’ve left, lost, misplaced, stepped on, or forgotten. The glittery ones that came in red. The perfect aviators with the leather detailing. The round mirrored ones. Oh, it pains me just to recall their descriptors.

This ongoing predicament has plagued me for many summers past. In fact, I’ve had an inner conflict when shopping for sunglasses. “No, no, don’t go for the nicer, pricier ones,” I tell myself, “You’ll just lose them.” That ends this year. This summer, I vow not to lose a single pair of shades. And while I should practice this mindfulness on cheapo pairs before moving up to the good stuff, I need a little inspiration. (And who doesn’t love a good dream-ticket roundup?) So, to motivate myself and tantalize that click-to-buy shopping finger of yours (I see you there on the mouse!) I’ve rounded up the 12 most memorable — most expensive — sunnies on the market.

See, we can (hopefully, one day, when the responsibility levels and wallet allows!) have nice things.

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