Better Than #HotDogLegs: 18 Beach Instagrams To Master

Some of us may choose to turn our cell phones off at the beach, resisting the urge to check notifications of any kind. This post is for everyone else: the ones who realize that a sandy background, breaking waves, and surfboards standing at attention make Instagram gold.
But, in your selfie-taking adventures, there is one pitfall to avoid like nitrates: #hotdoglegs. The leg-shaming (or is it food-celebrating?) meme may be an accurate description of your default soaking-up-the-sun pose from last year, but we're here to inspire with 18 more ways to frame your coastline photos. This time around, the poses may get a bit more advanced than, say, laying there with your knees up, but the resulting double-taps will prove the effort was worth it. So, click through, craft a pretty square, and then put the phone away — it's beach time.
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Photo: Via @pieraluisa.
The "Every Hour Is Happy Hour"
It's pretty self-explanatory: Your summer calls for a shore-side libation. Celebrate yours mid-toast and be sure not to exclude that blue-as-far-as-the-eye-can-see backdrop.
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Photo: Via @beyonce.
The "Beach Hair Don't Care"
We live for those three or four solid months during which our locks dry in the sun to slightly tousled perfection. We live for them, and we studiously document them.
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Photo: Via @derekblasberg.
The "Freeze Frame"
Capture all your summertime joy in a 'gram that really drives the point home. Because, you know what's not a very exciting photo? A tentatively dipped toe.
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Photo: Via @margaret__zhang.
The "#Surfbort"
Second only to actually riding a wave, this photo lets you pose with your favorite summertime toy without having to edit out an upside-down fear face that's half-submerged in the surf. This time, keep your board to the sky, toes in the sand, and caption with praise hands saluting the coast you love.
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Photo: Via @conconwang.
The "Caught Ya Snoozing"
This is a great way to take a photo of a friend without them squinting against the sun. Composition is everything, and this one's all about the upside down, tilted angle.
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Photo: Via @lupitanyongo.
The "Palm Parade"
With trees this pretty blowing in the breeze, you'd be remiss not to photograph them in all their glory.
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Photo: Via @stopitrightnow.
The "Anti-Beach-Babe Babe"
Bikinis and umbrellas. How original, right? This kind of shot requires nothing but your day-to-day, all-black uniform and somewhere sandy to lounge. Deuces.
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Photo: Via @ginaalilbit.
The "Sun Salutation"
Stretch out in savasana or chill in child's pose; it doesn't matter which yoga move you're inspired by. Hit your optimal position, find your breath, and hold for the click.
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Photo: Via @therealoliviap.
The "Glossy-Worthy Setup"
Your towels are bold, your beach toys clash perfectly, and your coverup is practically street wear. If your beach-day look belongs in the July issue of your favorite fashion mag, Instagram will surely suffice.
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Photo: Via @songofstyle.
The "Bond Girl"
For a not-so-lazy day in the sand, go for some expert-level action poses. Channel your inner Honey Rider, Charlie's Angel, or give us your best "Hadouken!"
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Photo: Via @karliekloss.
The "OG Snapchat"
A message one moment and washed away the next — it's basically like your other favorite photo-sharing app.
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Photo: Via @ttomasihill.
The "I've Got A Waterproof Phone"
It's pretty special to be able to take your couple hundred (or several thousand) pals along with you for a snorkel. Just, protect your phone in a waterproof case first. You don't want this to be your last Instagram.
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Photo: Via @mirandakerr.
The "Mother Nature Filter"
The multi-colored light of a beach sunset can hardly be contained in a palm-sized square. But, we'll be darned if we're not going to try. #Nofilter, right?
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Photo: Via @garypeppergirl.
The "Gourmet #HotDogLegs"
Should you still be a fan of the knees-in-the-air Instagram, try dressing yours up in something a bit more frilly. It's the unexpected relish that will really pop against your sandy background.
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Photo: Via @idahariri.
The "Sandy SimCity"
You're not spending all day on a computer, but a minute to post a make-believe city by the sea is a whole other story.
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Photo: Via @giseleofficial.
The "Shadow Puppets"
Use that beautiful setting sun to cast shadows of all shapes and sizes onto yourself or the sand. (Bonus points if you get a "Sun Salutation" in there).
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Photo: Via @laurenconrad.
The "Dry-Hair Swimmer"
There's so much joy in splashing around in the closet body of water. But, if getting your 'do dunked is not on your agenda, here's a way to capture your frolic without ruining your blowout.
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Photo: Via @officialjdunn.
The "Summer Reading List"
We know, we're not supposed to judge a book by its cover. But, Instagram isn't exactly the place for an in-depth review. Plus, a snap of your latest reading situation is worth at least a 1000 words, no?

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