How To Wear The Awkward-Length Shorts You Think You Can't Pull Off

Photographed by Savanna Ruedy.
Shorts, by nature, are pretty awkward. As an adult, I find that it's consistently tricky to strike that balance between laid-back cool and kindergartener-headed-to-summer-camp. But with denim diapers a thing of the past (thank God!), Bermudas are threatening a comeback, as are athletic shorts and not-quite culottes. So, what's a non-shorts-fan to do?
Like me, perhaps you don't mind a classic pair of denim shorts, but as soon as a pair brushes your knee you're all, "count me out." There are a plethora of strange, in-between shorts out there that most of us think we can't and won't pull off (it's why so many people avoid wearing shorts altogether). So from bloomers to borderline capris, I challenged myself to make these 'weird' bottoms work. And, with the right styling, dare I say, I did it? While I'm the first to admit to being picky with my shorts, this summer, I'm embracing their many different lengths — and I'm not looking back. Turns out I may be an any-type-of-shorts girl after all.
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