I Took Libido Gummies For A Month & (Spoiler Alert) Now I’m Horny

It's well-established that men care a lot about their declining libido. Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has made a killing off men's need for a functioning sex drive. At its peak in 2012, Viagra raked in annual sales of just over $2 billion. Even my own daily antidepressant was developed for people who wanted to take SSRIs without sexual side effects. In our society, the hard-on is of utmost importance, whereas women's sex drives are expected to be low. The (completely untrue!) stereotype of the horny man nagging his sexless wife is at the center of nearly every male-centric sitcom. This is why I love that I've been able to dedicate my time and energy to encouraging women that it's okay to be horny — no, it's incredible to be horny. We deserve sexual pleasure and orgasms just as much as our penis-possessing counterparts. And, now more than ever, the vagina could really use some TLC. In the midst of our bodily autonomy being compromised and the latest COVID surge, my libido is...struggling. So when the opportunity to review libido-enhancing gummy supplements formulated specifically for females presented itself, I was primed and ready to partake in a monthly pack.
Though my expectations were low (our friends over at Vice reviewed the male gummies with less than enthusiastic results), I couldn't resist the opportunity to naturally bolster my own fledgling sex drive. Luckily, the libido gummies from Asystem's collab with sexual wellness brand Maude promised to enhance my libido from the ground up. According to the website, Libido works by combing a slew of bizarre-sounding herbal ingredients like fenugreek extract, French maritime pine bark extract, and sea moss with magical S7 — which the brand claims can raise nitric oxide levels by 230%. In layman's terms, the blend of seven plant-based ingredients increases blood flow and delivers more oxygen to your lady parts, making it easier to feel sexual arousal and, thus, orgasm more easily.

As my eyes glazed over the torrent of terrible news cycling through my social media feeds, I popped my first gummy. Though skeptical, I knew things couldn't get worse for my declining sex drive. And as I chewed, wondering what exactly fenugreek extract tasted like, I was fairly delighted. The gummies tasted great. In fact, they tasted so good, I made sure I ate one before my morning coffee every single day despite my usually poor pill-taking tendencies. Plus, unlike most gummy vitamins, these supplements are low in sugar, so I didn't even feel bad about having more than one at a time (more than the directed dose, but I couldn't resist their yumminess and they're all-natural, right?).

After about a week, I definitely felt something going on. The website says that the effects of the gummy build up over time (it approximates four to six weeks), but after only seven days, I felt acutely aware of my sex drive. Maybe it's because I'm not used to constantly checking in on my libido, but I felt hornier than I had in weeks. I don't know if I just wasn't used to thinking about how much I wanted to have sex on the daily, but...it turns out, my sex drive didn't need that much of a boost to get me going again. Either that or these magically delicious gummies are also magically potent. Regardless, I'd say they worked. I'm still working through my monthly supply, but I've never felt more eager or ready to get it on. My current favorite vibrator lives in the shower now, getting a daily workout (and occasionally more than that), a far cry from the once-weekly masturbatory session I've been forcing myself to have.

If today's newsfeed has got your sex drive feeling less than enthused, give these gummies a whirl — at the very least, you'll be more ready to do some solo playing (because who can fathom having sex with a man? in this economy?). We could all use a good de-stressor right now, and, as Asystem knows, the best tension relief is an orgasm.
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