27 Stunning Pieces Of Art Deco-Inspired Jewelry To Lust After

Whenever someone asks what decade I'd love to live in, my answer is always the Roaring Twenties — and I don't think I'm the only one. Something about the swinging fringe dresses, bold haircuts, and notable architecture creates the mental image of a time when it was genuinely fun to be alive, and the jewelry of the art deco era reflects that air of modernization and celebration. With the end of the first World War, design began to take new shapes as artists and jewelers abandoned naturalistic and classic forms of the 1800s in favor of a modern, streamlined look that reflected the technology and architecture of the age.
But despite the bold colors, unique shapes, and often-masculine cuts, Art Deco jewelry has become a classic in fashion — and beyond. While some brides-to-be search high and low for the perfect, authentic vintage Deco engagement ring, contemporary jewelry designers have also pulled inspiration from the age and translated it into modern pieces suitable for more everyday wear.
So, with the help of Elizabeth Doyle, founder of Doyle & Doyle, jewelry designer Erica Weiner, and the experts at Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry, we've rounded up some of the most statement-making Deco-inspired pieces for you to treasure for years to come. And to make it even easier, it's all broken down into the five most noteworthy characteristics of '20s-inspired jewelry that you should keep in mind when you're shopping for your own gems. Get ready for some serious sparkle.