April77 Will Help You Dress Like An Indie Kid This Spring

Growing up, any and all kinds of alternative music movements fascinated me—emo, ska, punk, hardcore—you name it. Which probably explains why I'm completely riveted by these shots from the upcoming April77 Records' spring '10 collection, a series of light-washed, grainy, beautifully nostalgic photos showcasing the collection's four main themes (hardcore, '90s indie rock, preppy americana, and skinhead spirit of '69). Never has the washed denim, leather jackets, cool plaid, and tousled band hair looked so fine or dreamy, just the sort of thing I can imagine on favorite '90s guitarist Kevin Shields as he crossed the country smoking cigarettes and hanging out backstage at gigs. As for the slightly odd addition of the "skinhead" looks, keep in mind that the movement did not take on racist implications before crossing the pond. Think of it rather as post-mod with a stylish twist. And oh, does it look good.

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