This Unknown Amazon Brand Has The Motherlode Of Stylish Summer Staples

We fashion-seekers often find ourselves sifting through Amazon’s vast offerings like so many old prospectors, looking for a golden glimmer of style and savings among silty debris. And while we certainly turn up gems with some frequency (from Instagram-ready arm candy to a $4 exfoliating washcloth) it’s rarer to find the motherlode — a full range of stylish fashion goods at the right price.
We’ve browsed a brand called find. on previous Amazon excursions, but it wasn’t until the site’s blow-out Big Style Sale that we started digging deeper on this mysterious marque. Turns out this EU-designed in-house label is Amazon’s best-kept secret from across the pond, offering cuter-than necessary goods on Amazon’s US and UK storefronts. (They don’t share the same inventory, so be sure to check out both — the UK even has a standalone, inspiration-rich Instagram.) The assortment of just-right summer duds hits the sweet spot between “special” and “wearable” that we’re always seeking out.
We found a host of picks that were marked down as part of the Big Style Sale — and some that were so well-priced at retail that they needn’t be on sale. (See: the floatiest, fluttery-est drawstring maxi skirt for a mere $8.) Click through to see some of our favorite “finds” from this hidden gem of a brand.
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