Meet The Amazon Unicorns, They’re The Highest Rated Items You Can Find

There are some things in this world that seem too good to be true like winning the mega millions lotto, finding a romantic partner who shares your disdain for cilantro, or happening on a five-star Amazon product. There's always a catch. Winning the lotto comes with adjusting to a new tax bracket, the picture-perfect partner is probably cilantro-curious, and a five-star Amazon item is likely buying fraudulent reviews. But finding genuine Amazon "unicorns" as we like to call them — products that receive almost universal praise from buyers — isn't impossible. It just requires lowering your expectations by 0.1 stars.
No item is perfect, but these 18 products are damn near it. Finding a 4.9-star item that's genuinely deserving of its rating (a.k.a. isn't spammed with fake reviews) is a rare experience; trust us, we searched far and wide and to find them. Since we're accustomed to seeing review sections subjected to the rants of angry customers, any product that receives this amount of collective praise is worth checking out. See our round-up of unicorn purchases ahead, before Karen decides to go and knock it down to a 4.8.
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