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Amazon Opens A 10 Crosby E-Shop, Becomes Cooler Than Ever

In case you didn't pick up on the (not-so) subtle hints, like Amazon's first TV commercial and their expansive collection of designer wears, the newest venture for the e-commerce site is one that will certainly begin to set it apart from the Amazon of yesterday. Today, as reported on WWD, Amazon will be teaming with 10 Crosby for the first online store within their site dedicated to one specific designer. While not only selling the Derek Lam diffusion-line designs (good choice, right?), Amazon has created a whole user experience and an internal mini-site that caters to the smart consumer — the one who not only buys the products but relishes in an exclusive designer interview and appreciates strong photography. Sound familiar?
"We're trying to create a beautiful, easy fashion destination; a place that you think to go to first and you prefer," Amazon Fashion president, Cathy Beaudoin tells WWD. In order to create and maintain this new shopping format they have created, Amazon has also acquired a 40,000-square-foot photo studio space in Brooklyn to accommodate all their new photo needs, and are expecting multiple new shipments to the 10 Crosby Amazon store throughout the year, as well as a holiday capsule collection, according to WWD. This new shopping set-up within Amazon may lead the way for many more designers to eventually launch shops within Amazon, and, as Beaudoin proposes, make the mega (mega) e-tailer not only an online shopping destination, but a potential go-to fashion destination, as well. (WWD)

Photo: Courtesy of 10 Crosby