Twinsies! Suri Cruise Is So Going To Grow Up To Be Alexa Chung

Once upon a time, Alexa Chung actually said that she had the same sartorial approach to fashion as a five-year-old — but we didn't think she meant it literally. Grazia Daily, one of the go-to fashion rags across the sea, pointed out something so obvious we are a little upset we didn't see it first: Alexa Chung and Suri Cruise might be having a fashion showdown.
The pint-sized fashion-obsessive and the, erm, pint-sized fashion-obsessive could be shopping from the other's closet. Grazia pointed out some excellent side-by-sides, and they certainly have a point...though Alexa's take on styles like knee-high socks and blue-jean dresses are somewhat more adult.
But Katie Holmes, take note. Alexa might be able to provide you a crystal ball into your daughter's stylistic future. (Grazia)
Photo: Via Grazia

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