The 10 Craziest NYC Craigslist Posts

We usually associate Craigslist with job postings, used furniture, and the missed connections section. But when one of our interns came in seriously thinking about claiming $23,000 that she saw in a posting, we started digging around to uncover what other crazies might be advertising on the anything-goes website. While we tried to stay away from the slightly sinister men-seeking-women section (sorry, but we had to squeeze a couple in), we did spend hours trolling through hundreds of entries that made us blush, cringe, and—not gonna lie—vom just a little bit. From a sartorially challenged ranter who started designing jeans with fake, ahem, male stains to a human that wants a litter box, we scoured the best of Craigslist to give you a serious daily diversion. Note: you may want to wait until you're by yourself to read these postings.