BAM! Natalie Portman Is Back And Ready To Play (Fashion) Ball

99.9% of our recent Natalie Portman sightings show her toting around her insanely cute kid (and usually wearing boyfriend jeans, hair undone). And, don't get us wrong — we're all for the baby-puppy-anything-cute-and-coo-worthy pics, but if we're ever looking for incentive to take the slouchy jeans off, the actress' recent appearance this weekend should do the trick.
Portman resurfaced on the past-bedtime scene this Saturday night, wearing a fiery-red Dior gown at her husband Benjamin Millepied's LA Dance Project Benefit Gala, and it's like bam! She's back and ready to play ball! From the soft, beachy waves to the perfect not-too-maxi dress, the Black Swan actress earns an A+ for her fashion comeback. We couldn't be happier.

Photo: David Crotty/PatrickMcMullan