10 Pairs Of Skinny Jeans That Are Anything But Basic

Yes, it's true. Sometimes, we have to stifle a yawn when we think about skinny jeans. These are the workhorses of our wardrobes, but they've becomes such a basic staple, in the past few years, that they just don't feel inventive or exciting anymore. One might even call them snoozy.
But if you did, you'd be wrong. The ultimate pants to go from day to night, skinny jeans are actually on offer in a variety of interesting, not-just-indigo options. From ankle-length to extra-long, neon to dark, and distressed to coated, plus everything in between, check out 10 pairs of skinny jeans you'll want to shimmy into right now, whether your're planning out your next casual Friday or getting ready to hit the town.

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