Peep H&M's Video Lookbook And Start Plotting Your Fall Raid

We gave you a little preview of H&M's fall line, which saw us falling head over heels for a sweatshirt that got the glitter treatment, and now we get the full glimpse of what's in store for H&M (literally), this fall.
You'll find gold-flecked bomber pants, perfectly OTT costume jewelry, oversized knits, sparkling sportswear, and high-fashion accessories like detachable peplums, Céline-inspired fold-out bags, and baseball caps so cute you can finally give your boyfriend's ratty hat a break. Plus, this video has basically convinced us that a perfect pair of pumps really does go with every single look. No, really. Click through to watch the four-minute video, and start crafting your H&M hit list for the end-of-August debut (who else just developed a new-found obsession with a jewel-encrusted crew-neck chest piece?).

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