Quirky-Cool Valentine’s Day Gifts That You Can Score Locally, Right Now!

Real talk: Valentine’s Day tends to sneak up on even the most holiday-savvy. Between lugging ourselves back to work after New Year's and recovering from the massive amounts of gluttony we all so enjoyed, it’s admittedly an occasion that can get lost in the mix. But really — disregarding all the V-Day naysayers — it is an important holiday meant to energize not only our love lives but our self-appreciation, as well. (Besides, as Miami locals, do we ever really need a reason to celebrate?)
So, whether you’re toasting to a girls’ night out or spending a sultry evening with a date, don’t disappoint your Valentine by showing up to the festivities empty-handed. We found you some fun, flavorful gifts you can grab *this* minute that'll guarantee some excitement, no matter their intended recipient.