2024 Engagement Ring Trends That Are Anything But Traditional

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There are few things shoppers purchase with the intention of wearing every day, for the rest of eternity. But that’s precisely what an engagement ring represents: the promise of forever, a symbol of love turned into a precious piece of jewelry that hugs the finger of a future life partner. As such, it is a significant investment — both in terms of sentimentality and financial value — and with endless designs and silhouettes out there, figuring out what makes for your perfect pick is no easy feat. While more traditional engagement ring trends like diamonds, gold or platinum settings, and classic shapes will never go out of fashion, the new year is bringing with it fresh selections worth considering, especially for those who are enticed by non-traditional ring styles
As a result of a growing desire among consumers to select something that embodies the personality of its wearer, avant-garde styles will be in higher demand. “Towards the end of 2023, [I had] an influx of bespoke engagement ring requests that totally rip up the rule book on 'traditional' design,” says Kitty Fuller, founder and designer of the jewelry brand Kitty Joyas. “The idea that you can wear whatever you like as the symbol of your union is set to get bigger and bigger. In 2024, I expect to see the classic ingredients used to make up an entirely new and exciting era of designs.” 
Add to that the fact that couples are modernizing the way they shop for rings, from approaching the process as a pair to opening their minds to second-hand pieces and lab-grown diamond alternatives, there will be ample opportunity to find the right ring for the right person in 2024. “From ultra-chunky settings to injecting a kaleidoscope of stone colors, this new wave of wedding jewelry reflects the larger movement at the moment, where people are embracing self-expression more than ever,” says Fuller. 
Below, discover nine of the biggest 2024 engagement ring trends that are anything but traditional. Uncommon and personalized designs that defy expectations and celebrate creativity, these picks are as unique as the individuals who will be wearing them.

Engagement Ring Trend 2024: Ahead of the Curve

Engagement rings with curvy bands are rising in popularity, says Sidney Neuhaus, co-founder of the brand Kimaï and a GIA-certified gemologist. “[This is especially true] when paired with our complementary wavy wedding bands to create a modern and stylish stacked look. We know our customers love to rearrange and play with these stacks to keep their special piece feeling fresh and interesting, falling in love with the design again and again.”

Engagement Ring Trend 2024: Swirling Silhouettes

While halos are a common feature in engagement rings, there are increasingly creative ways of surrounding center stones with smaller diamonds or gemstones. Danish jewelry designer Sophie Billie Brahe is known for her playful take on timeless ring designs, namely the rounded silhouette of her Escargot ring which draws from the swirling shell of a snail. “Customers are moving away from the traditional solitaire diamond and are focusing on distinctive designs. Our signature rings with unique designs are in high demand from our customers,” Billie Brahe says. “Although they were not originally designed to be engagement rings, the styles are often sought out as modern bridal pieces.” 

Engagement Ring Trend 2024: Sustainability Surge

According to a 2021 report by McKinsey & Company, sustainability practices have been playing, and will continue to play, an influential role in fine jewelry purchasing decisions, accounting for 20 to 30 percent of all sales in the category by 2025. Engagement rings are no exception to what’s been dubbed the “sustainability surge.” Leading brands are embracing pre-loved stones and bands made from recycled gold, and some are even offering in-house exchange programs for customers to send in their unwanted or broken jewelry in return for credits. 

Engagement Ring Trend 2024: Bold Bands

Chunky shanks are challenging conventional engagement ring designs by playing with proportion and favoring thicker bands and settings as opposed to typically dainty styles. By allowing the band to make as much of a statement as the stone itself, these pieces have a modern and organic appeal to suit nontraditional brides-to-be who want something as bold as they are. 

Engagement Ring Trend 2024: Nods To Nature

We often turn to nature in the realm of romance, from the symbolism of a single red rose to songs about doves and lovebirds serving as metaphors for significant relationships. Engagement rings, too, are borrowing from Mother Earth to imbue designs with meaning: a gold flower blooming with a rose-cut diamond; a shank made to look like interwoven vines signifying connection; eagle claw prongs as a sign of strength. Often these styles have a vintage appeal, striking a distinct balance between nostalgia and personality. 

Engagement Ring Trend 2024: Multicolored Gems

If there’s one common theme that runs through the top 2024 engagement ring trends, it’s playfulness. Jewelers don’t take themselves too seriously, and neither should soon-to-be brides. Opt for an array of colors that capture the spirit of that special someone with a ring featuring multi-hued gemstones. For an extra special touch, consider birthstones representative of you and your partner. 

Engagement Ring Trend 2024: East-West Orientation

Sometimes all it takes to turn something traditional into something a little… less so, is simply a shift in perspective. Literally. Rather than looking at a stone vertically as it is usually presented, consider a horizontal orientation for a trendy twist on any classic cut. From oval to emerald to pear to marquise, don’t hesitate to take your favorite shape and turn it on its side. 

Engagement Ring Trend 2024: Gray Diamonds

Gray, or salt-and-pepper, diamonds have become increasingly popular as engagement rings these past few years. Originally known as imperfect diamonds, “they were considered an industrial byproduct so they weren’t worn,” according to Chupi Sweetman, founder and CEO of the Dublin-based fine jeweler Chupi that celebrated its 10th anniversary last year. (For every one carat of white diamonds mined, there are about 200 grey diamonds.) “They are just stunning. They are like mini galaxies and night skies.” 

Engagement Ring Trend 2024: Going Ringless

London-based jeweler Tessa Metcalfe is noticing that more people want to be part of choosing the ring they’ll be wearing every day but don’t want to miss out on the romantic gesture of their partner selecting a meaningful piece of jewelry for them. Her suggestion? Propose with something else instead, like a one-of-a-kind earring. “That way you can choose something that pushes the boundaries and shows your partner how much you know their taste and humor whilst respecting their autonomy to choose the engagement ring together [later on],” she explains. You could also skip the ring entirely and embrace the engagement watch trend for a different take on the romantic gesture that is equally symbolic. 

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