Want To Live A Soft Life? Try A Solo Hotel Stay

Photo: Courtesy of Venesa Coger
Here’s your reminder to use your PTO and book yourself a vacation (or staycation!). I’ve always been the type to prioritize hustle and work all the time. But in the long run, this approach caused my mental health and self-care to plummet. Recently, I decided to make a conscious effort to set time aside every quarter to cater to myself, or as Chloe Bailey sings, “treat me like I treat me!” 
There’s been a lot of discussions lately about Black women tapping into luxury and living a soft life. To me, luxury is inherent to being a Black woman — we are luxurious, baby —  and a soft life is all about rest and joy. 
Last month, since I knew I would be traveling for work to shoot a campaign in California before heading to Atlanta for The Glow Up, it was important to me to take a few days off in between. Those days were spent resting and relaxing at the calmest and most serene hotel in West Hollywood: 1 Hotel. One thing about me? When I find a hotel where I love their customer service, aesthetic, and location, I’ll stick beside them. I’ve been eager to go back since I stayed at 1 Hotel West Hollywood in 2019.
Once I was checked in and settled in my City King room, I ran to the window to take in the LA view as the sun began to set. At that moment, I was full of gratitude. Throughout my weekend hotel stay, I made a clear agenda (I even wrote it in my notes app so you know I was serious) that I would intentionally prioritize myself. But sometimes, that can be easier said than done. So here are 3 tips for tapping into your own luxury of rest, relaxation, and softness — especially if you choose to treat yourself to a stay in a swanky hotel
Spend Some Solo Time In Your Room:
OK, not that kind of solo time but you can enjoy that too! Early Saturday morning I slept in longer than usual while wrapped underneath the hotel’s soft and comfy robe. To get the day going, I placed an order of Blueberry pancakes, potatoes, and a side of bacon to my room while catching up on Youtube videos. I took a refreshing shower and indulged in my self-care routine, using my Loops Beauty face mask and new eye lift cream from Park Perfection (which I’ve been loving for all my on-camera work). I took my time with my routine (over an hour and a half!) and chose a slow, solo morning. There’s nothing more luxurious than spending time with yourself and being fully present. 
Photo: Courtesy of Venesa Coger
Take Advantage Of  The Hotel’s Amenities:
Throughout the weekend, I made sure to tan by the pool which had an amazing view of the city since the hotel sits on a hill in West Hollywood. I ate fruit and enjoyed a frosé while reading my book, Set Boundaries, Find Peace by Nedra Tawab. Then, before heading back to my room I cooled off in the pool (definitely wish I stayed in longer!). For the evening/night festivities, I went up to Harriet’s rooftop with my co-worker for a quick drink at the bar and enjoyed the stunning energy and immaculate vibes. I will definitely go back to Harriet’s the next time in LA based on the energy alone and the breathtaking views. If your hotel has a rooftop hotel, take advantage of it! Plus, I highly recommend using the spa if your hotel has one. 
Photo: Courtesy of Venesa Coger
Make Some Vacay Friends:
Whether you’re with friends, family, or by yourself don’t be afraid to meet new people and strike up a conversation with a stranger who is also staying at the hotel. The people I chatted with briefly by the pool, on the rooftop, and even walking down the street brought me so many moments of joy. Spending time with my co-workers walking down Melrose, shopping at the cannabis shop Cookies, and crashing a stranger’s birthday party on the beach (my first-ever bonfire) was an incredible experience and I made memories I’ll have forever. Put yourself out there and you never know who you may meet and the lasting impact of these impulse interactions.
As Black women, we often need to remind ourselves of our values and that we deserve to enjoy life. Now. I hope this inspires you to book that trip, splurge on a nice hotel, or check out the restaurant that’s been on your bucket list forever. You deserve it, sis!

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