14 New Beauty Products Our Editors Rate 10/10

Call me easily influenced, but I really love a beauty product recommendation. I always store it away and my subconscious pulls it out the next time I'm at Sephora. So, I find all recs helpful, specifically when I really trust the recommender. When it comes to beauty products, there are few experts I trust more than other beauty editors, because we test and try all the things for a living.
This spring, we've received an influx of new products, and there are a few that feel really exciting, innovative, and have immediately made it into our beauty routines. Ahead, we're breaking down our 14 most-loved spring beauty products. From the skin tint that made Jackie give up foundation to the eyeliner that Charlotte Tilbury insisted would have everyone complimenting my blue-green eyes, scroll through to find the R29 beauty team's spring recs.

A Soothing Face Cream

"I don't think there is a brand that my skin loves more than Augustinus Bader. I recently learned that I have mild rosacea (thanks to a skin check-up with Dr. Nancy Samolitis) and while it was a bit surprising, it made sense why my skin responds so well to nourishing creams like Augustinus Bader's The Ultimate Soothing Cream. It was made specifically to replenish, rehydrate, and soothe dry, irritated skin, so it was exactly what my rosy cheeks needed. It's made with hydrating, anti-inflammatory ingredients, as well as antioxidants. It's quite pricey, but worth the investment." - Sara Tan, Beauty Director
How to recycle: The Ultimate Soothing Cream is a refillable system, including a 100% recyclable glass jar and a 100% recyclable refill.

A Skin Tint That Delivers Compliments

"I've received so many compliments on my skin since using this tint. It makes me gleam! The texture is featherlight, so it feels like you aren't wearing anything at all, and it applies so smoothly. I've shelved all of my foundations for it." - Jacqueline Kilikita, Senior Beauty Editor of Refinery29UK
How to recycle: This YSL Skin Tint is cradle to cradle certified, and 30% of the tube comes from recycled plastic. Once you've emptied a tube as much as possible, you can drop it off at your local Nordstrom and let BeautyCycle take care of the rest (rinsing the remnants of foundation and recycling).

The Vaseline With A QR Code

"Good, old Vaseline has been around since 1870 — I just Googled it. I use mine as a lip, cuticle, and under-eye balm at night. But what's new, and important, is this specific petroleum-jelly tub with its 'Equitable Skincare For All' artwork and label. On it, there's a unique QR code that links to a database,, a resource that meets the skin health needs for people of color. According to dermatologists, most traditional textbooks and even websites show dermatological conditions on white skin. Working to right this inequality, Vaseline — and their parent company, Unilever — created the See My Skin resource so everyone can see what certain conditions look like on skin tones similar to their own. The next time you're at the drugstore, keep your eyes out for this limited-edition model." - Megan Decker, Beauty Editor
How to recycle: You can recycle the standard-size tub of Vaseline. Peel off the label, wash out the jar, and place it in your recycling bin.

Non-Matte Liquid Lipstick

"Maybelline has yet to steer me wrong in the lipstick department, and they've done it again here. These liquid lipsticks don't dry down matte, but you're not too worried about them smudging because of it. I've been wearing these nonstop. I especially love this red shade, which I have been purposefully finding reasons to wear, lately." - Amanda Mitchell, Senior Beauty Writer
How to recycle: This lipstick is small and made up of multiple component parts. Your best bet would be to bring it to your local Nordstrom and let BeautyCycle handle the recycling.

Squalane Shampoo

"First of all, this smells incredible — like an expensive hair salon. If your hair is parched, like mine, due to bleach and hair dye, you'll love it. Aloe vera soothes the scalp, glycerin moisturizes dry strands, and squalane imparts shine and softness." - Kilikita
How to recycle: With its infinitely recyclable aluminum bottle, post-consumer-recycled pump, and soy-based ink, this bottle is 100% recyclable and can be rinsed out and dropped in your recycling bin.

Refillable Lipstick & An Upcycled Leather Case

"La Bouche Rouge makes the fanciest lipstick I've ever owned and also my favorite shade and formula. It feels like I'm wearing nothing and makes my lips but a little pinker, effectively cancelling out my purple undertones. The brand's premise is really smart: You choose your refillable lipstick shade — I have Cherry Pink — and an upcycled leather case for it to be housed inside. You can even add you initials. It's too late for Mother's Day, but this would make a great gift." - Decker
How to recycle: The lipsticks come encased in recyclable paper, so you can recycle that in your bin once you're done, and then just keep refilling your (chic) component case.

Mix-Your-Own Serum

"You ever see a product that you don't quite understand, but once you learn about it, you wondered how you ever lived without it? For me, that's Exponent. Founded by a former Red Door by Elizabeth Arden executive, this system — it's an active powder and a hyaluronic-acid hydrator — combines easily and swifty to give the consumer a self-activated, fresh serum every time. It does take a bit of training, but I look forward to using my little crank and mixing together my personal serum every day. This is a wow, can't wait to see it on Shark Tank eventually." - Mitchell
How to recycle: The Self-Activator (the Base, Globe and Dispenser) is purchased once and reused again and again. If a consumer no longer wants it for any reason, Exponent offer a take-back program so they can properly recycle it properly. The Active Powders and Hyaluronic Hydrator refills come in glass jars with aluminum caps, so they can be recycled in your at-home bin.

POV: You're at a Paris Night Club

"Forget Baccarat Rouge. This is going to be the next luxury perfume people can't get enough of. Evoking the all-encompassing atmosphere of a night club bar in Paris' Saint Germain quarter, it's a rich, lush mix of jasmine, tonka bean, and cedar — and I can't stop sniffing my wrists when I wear it." - Kilikita
How to recycle: Remove the pump and spray attachment and discard. Recycle the empty glass bottle in your recycling bin.

Rose-Petal Rich Cream

"This is truly a créme riche. Because it's heavy, I rub a little bit between my fingers, warm it up, and then press it into my skin after serum (a facialist told me to do this). It's light pink in the jar and smells like roses, which might bother some people but I love it. Unlike other heavy creams, this one never pills, and my skin looks hydrated and dewy for the whole day." -Decker
How to recycle: This is another refill-pod situation. Once the moisturizer runs out, pop the pod out of the larger, gold chrome jar, rinse it out, and recycle it. You can order another pod to replace it.

A Vitamin C Stick

"While I love vitamin C serum — because it makes my skin brighter — I have a tendency to overdo it: my skin gets dry and I start breaking out and I have to cut it out entirely. What I love about this chubby-stick from Monday Born is that it allows me to target treat my dark spots, gliding it over only the parts of my face that need it. Because the formula is a balm with squalane, it melts into my skin and I don't experience any dryness or irritation. Plus, it's fun to use, like a glue stick. - Decker
How to recycle: When you finish a stick, like this, you should bring it to your local Nordstrom store for BeautyCycle recycling.

A Moisturizer That Also Exfoliates

"I love a good, thiccccc moisturizer all year round — yes, even in a hot New York summer I am swimming in moisturizer. This new moisturizer from Namesake hits my sweet spot of not too-too heavy, but a little goes a long way. When the instructions say "a pea size amount," they mean it here. The idea of an "exfoliating moisturizer" may sound counter-intuitive, but this moisturizer works hard, and works quickly." - Mitchell
How to recycle: With plastic jars, you can try to repurpose the container. Or, rinse it out, and put it in your recycling bin.

The Pillowtalk of Eyeliner

"Charlotte Tilbury told me that when I use this eyeliner, my blue-green eyes will look bigger and brighter and I was sold. She was right. When I run a thin line of this burgundy brown shade across my upper lash line, I notice the more nuanced gold tones in my eyes." - Decker
How to recycle: Eyeliner pencils are tricky to recycle because they're so small. Sadly, most have to be discarded in the trash.

The Eye Mask For Your Next Long-Haul Flight

"I am rather... iffy on the topic of eye masks, because most of them slippy slide all the way down my face until they're more like cheek masks. But I love these, because when you put them on, they stay put. I need to be far better at using eye creams and things like that, but after one use of these on a long-haul flight, I looked so well-rested and awake." - Mitchell
How to recycle: Single-use eye patches and masks should be thrown in the garbage.

A Gel Hydrator For Fine Lines  

"This mega hydrator occupies a space between a gel and a serum, and it quenches thirsty skin so well. I apply it after face mist and before moisturizer. I swear it has helped fill out my fine lines, too."- Kilikita
How to recycle: Because this serum comes with a pump and mixed materials, once it's empty, it should be dropped off at a Nordstrom for BeautyCycle recycling.
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