How To Fake 8 Hours Of Sleep — In 20 Minutes Or Less

'Tis the season to burn the candle at both ends — and for the state of your skin to reflect both those late hours at the office and even later hours spent out on a festive Saturday night. When a full eight hours of sleep is out of the question, there's only so much concealer can hide. But a fatigue-fighting under-eye mask can work wonders when even full coverage fails.
"The skin around the eye area is extremely fragile and, if neglected, can become dry, puffy, and congested, and age your face beyond your years," says skin-care expert and Elemis co-founder Noella Gabriel. "An eye mask will provide an instant boost of deep hydration, and have a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect."
But if you're already investing in a good eye cream, do you really need an eye mask as well? Gabriel says yes: "An eye cream is a continuous everyday maintenance product to protect and support skin throughout the day," she explains. "Whereas an eye mask is like a booster — it delivers a concentrated surge of hydration instantly."
Bottom line: Consider the eye mask a quick fix to ensure your skin doesn't suffer, even as your social calendar heats up and the temperature drops. Ahead, our top picks for the best masks for tired eyes to see you through the end-of-year festivities and beyond.

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