Hailey Bieber Honored A “Happy Day” With This Hairstyle

Photo: Jackson Lee/GC Images.
They may have first come back into fashion as a byproduct of our quarantine style fatigue, but accent braids are proving to have a lot more staying power than we originally thought. To toast Inauguration Day, Hailey Bieber styled her hair in face-framing baby braids, taking the Zoom-popular look and making it feel downright festive.
Hollywood hairstylist Jen Atkin, who is to credit for Bieber's Inauguration Day glam, shared a photo of Bieber to Instagram that shows her dirty-blonde hair parted down the middle with two tiny hairline braids falling down either side. "Happy lil' braids on a happy girl on a happy day," Atkin captioned the shot, alluding to the optimistic vibe fitting for yesterday's events
The rise in at-home styling has led to a whole host of creative new hair trends, accent braids being a favorite among celebrities and influencers. "During quarantine, I’ve noticed a huge increase in braided hairstyles, mini accent braids specifically," celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan told Refinery29 late last year. "I love doing two space braids on either side of my part. They feel fun — a little retro and bohemian — and help create a subtle trim around my face."
The best part about this look in particular is that, because it's DIY by nature, you can put your own spin on it. Atkin's interpretation includes the addition of clear mini elastics cinching the braid at the root, creating a pigtail-style braid and a tighter, more secure hold. Who's to say you couldn’t add a few more tiny braids throughout the rest of your hair?
While it might be a while before we’re working from an office again or socializing in person, we have a feeling that fresh, Zoom-centric hairstyling won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Consider purchasing some new hair accessories above and beyond clear elastics; we're thinking some mini snap clips, colorful headbands, and maybe a claw clip or two.

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