Spend The ‘Extra Hour’ From Daylight Saving Time On Sex, Not An Existential Crisis

Photographed by Karen Sofia Colon.
When I first realized that Daylight Saving Time would happen this weekend, I was crushed. The powers that be could keep that “extra hour.” I didn’t want it to get dark any earlier. And I wholeheartedly agreed with Twitter — the last thing we needed was another hour of 2020. But then I had an idea: Why not spend those 60 minutes on an earth-shaking, toe-curling hookup? Or even a rousing, intense, solo sex session?
Heartened by the idea, I asked two of my favorite sexperts to weigh in with ideas for how to put the extra time to the steamiest possible use. They noted that this Daylight Saving Time actually falls during an opportune time for creative sex — this weekend is Halloween and we'll be experiencing a full moon. Plus, Sunday sex is always spicy. Here are their hottest tips.

Set the mood 

Make sure that you’re all set up to make the most of your “extra” hour, says Ashley Manta, an award winning sex and relationship coach, and founder of Activating Your Cosmic Pussy. Consider creating a playlist (Manta recommends queuing up the song Fetish by Lizzy Jeff & Tru Heru or anything by Portishead). Slip on some soft or luxurious lingerie. Light some candles, and put fresh sheets on the bed, suggests Luna Matatas, sex and pleasure educator.
Manta notes that this will also be the night of the full moon in Taurus, which is all about sensuality and decadence. Play with those themes. 

Take it slow 

For once, there are 25 hours in the day — use this as an opportunity to slow down, Manta suggests.
“I’d encourage people to put on an hour-long playlist, and for 60 minutes, do everything at half-speed or a quarter speed,” Manta says. “Notice what happens when you create space for taking your time. Really slowing down allows you to appreciate every single sensation.”
Another way to go about this: Don’t actually touch each other for the first hour, and instead start with dirty talk. “This hour is a great way to leave 'sensual breadcrumbs' as I like to call it,” Matatas says. “You can be affectionate, flirty, playful, and teasing during this time, building up the tension and anticipation for more explicit things you want to do later.” 

Oil up, then wash off

Offer to take turns giving massages to each other, Matatas suggests. Use a massage oil and rub your partner up and down, hitting their chest, shoulders, and even their nipples, Manta adds. When you're both slippery from the oil, you can move right into sex. Or step into the shower first. Take even more time appreciating each other's bodies as you wash off the oil, Matatas suggests.

Role play

Don't toss your Halloween costume as soon as you take it off the night of October 31. “Halloween is a great time to experiment with costumes and role play,” Matatas says. Grab accessories like animal ears, fishnets, or don an entire fictional get-up. “Costumes can sometimes help us shed some shyness because we are playing a role,” she notes. 
Another twist on this? “Try taking turns doing a timed strip tease,” Matatas suggests. “Build your own playlists and you each get 30 minutes to get into costume, character, and seduce each other.” 

Try some sex magick

In the same vein, Manta suggests trying some sex magick, which is when you manifest intentions during sex and orgasm. She says she and her partner intend to do it during the full moon on Halloween, and are definitely looking forward to the extra hour of bliss.
“When it comes to sex magick, there’s no wrong way to do it,” Manta notes. “The way I tend to do it is to first talk to my partner, so we can both be focused on the same intention — on what we’re trying to call in or manifest or elevate… The theory is that that energetic peak [during sex] pops your intention into the universe and launches it and makes it come true.” What you manifest is up to you. Could be a book deal… or a new president.

Explore with solo sex 

Set the mood for yourself first. Ditch Halloweentown for a rom-com with some spicy sex scenes for some inspiration. Then take a bath or shower so you feel clean and sensual, and get to it. You can use the Dipsea audio porn app, or even test drive a Halloween-themed sex toy
Masturbation is fun. So fun, in fact, Matatas suggests doing it with a partner. “Slow things down and enjoy masturbating with each other in the same room, a chance to be a voyeur and an exhibitionist,” she notes. 

Try a new position 

"Different sex positions are a great way to spend an extra hour because you have time to adjust,” Matatas says. “Use props like pillows or furniture, and get into the rhythm of a new position before you decide if you like it or not,” she notes. Whether you want to test out 69, the octopus, or even standing sex, this is a good time.
You could also try incorporating a blindfold, or trying out BDSM. Just talk to your partner about this first, and make sure they’re comfortable with it before you dive into something new, Manta says.

Make a list

Manta says that Halloween is known as the “witch’s new year,” and that she likes to use it as a time to reflect on where she’s been and where she’s going. And now, she basically has an extra hour to do just that. This concept can be applied to your sex life, too. You and your partner could use the time to fill out a Yes, No, Maybe list. These are available on the internet, or you can make your own. They'll help you discover how your partner feels about different sexual adventures, from pegging to threesomes to watching porn together. Fill out the list, compare notes, and try out something you both said yes to. 
Another way to go about this: Matatas suggest creating a “FuckIt list” (sexual bucket list) together for 30 minutes. Use the other 30 to tick off a box. If you end up using more than your allotted hour, we won't tell.

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