24 Scary Good Halloween Sex Toys and Lingerie For Embracing Your Pumpkink

Halloween is quickly approaching, and if you're anything like me, you've been spending the month prepping a couples' costume for you and your boo, carving pumpkins, and indulging your sweet tooth with seasonal candy. But as all Halloween bitches know, October is the most superior month of the year (sorry, December) because it lets you tap into all things spooky, scary, and sexy. Yes, that's right. Sexy. Halloween sex appeal isn't just costumes thrown together with pieces of skimpy lingerie (although we do love them) — there's a whole other kind of goody to stick into your trick-or-treat bag this month. That's right: We're here to talk about Halloween sex toys.

When it comes to the intersection of Halloween and sex, there's no shortage of overlap. Want to role-play getting railed by your favorite horror movie villain? There's a sex toy for that. How about getting boned by a literal bone? From tentacle-shaped dildos for the monster-lovers to candy corn-shaped butt plugs, there's a wide variety of Halloween sex toys that range from kitschy and fun to downright creepy. That's why we've parsed through the spookiest side of the internet to bring you all the best Halloween sex toys and accessories, no matter what kind of of Halloweird you're into. Keep reading to check out 24 scary good Halloween sex toys you're going to want to buy ASAP to get into the spirit — or get the spirit into you.

Sex toys for slasher film lovers...

What do Michael Myers, Leatherface, Ghostface, Freddie, Jason, and pretty much all of your favorite slasher film villains have in common? Besides a love for taking household items and turning them into deadly murder weapons, these villains thrive behind an iconic mask. Take your Halloweekend sexcapades to new terrifying heights with a mask and thicc vibrator with a motor that sounds like a chainsaw. Or if a cock ring that looks like a butcher knife sounds titillating, we found one of those, too.

Sex toys for classic Halloween lovers...

If the sight of fall foliage, skeletons, ghosts, and candy corn sets your loins ablaze, you might have... a pumpkink. Luckily, sex toy retailers are here for you with vibrators, ball gags, dildos, and more shaped like your fave Halloween candies, skulls, and pumpkins. We promise that no matter which of these you try out, you're going to have a gourd time.

Sex toys for the final girl lovers...

We love Halloween because it's a holiday for the girlies. No, seriously: think about it. Not only are girls are always the last ones to survive a horror film murder spree (hello, final girls!), it's even spawned a beloved genre of character actresses to fawn over. If you're a scream queen supporter — or just want to treat yourself to a good old-fashioned orgasm after making it through to the other side — we've pulled some really good girlie, glam, and buzzworthy treats for your celebration.

Sex toys for witch lovers...

Double, double, toil and trouble... vibrators buzz and cauldrons bubble — that's how that saying goes, right? Whether you're interested in potions, dabbling in spells, in need of a really good wand (wink), or just really love black cats, there are some incredibly witchy sex toys with your name on them.

Sex toys for monster movie lovers...

When it comes to monster sex toys, there are more options than we know what to do with. From alien invasions to werewolves and even sea creatures from the deep, there are terrifying creatures who are as titillating as they are spooky. If the idea of getting probed by a tentacle is interesting to you, you're not alone. The internet is chock full of creature-like sex toys waiting to be sampled by you.

Sex toys for vampire lovers...

If you've always wondered what it'd be like to get dicked down by the undead, you're in good company. Vampires are some of the sexiest creatures out there and have spawned a wide range of hard, thick, cold and yes, even sparkly, sex toys to emulate their presence. Whether you've always had a thing for any of the Cullens, Lestat, Dracula, Drusilla, Eric Northman, or the other undeniably sexy bloodsuckers from pop culture, these vampiric sex toys will have your pulse racing. Delicious.
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