What The Full Blue Moon Means For Your Halloween

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Get ready, witches and warlocks. This October 31, there's a full moon occurring in Taurus, and it's extra special. This lunar event is called a "blue moon" because it's the second full moon we'll experience in the month of October. Not, it won't actually appear blue, but it's rare — hence the phrase "once in a blue moon" — and astrologically, very powerful.
"Magically speaking, blue and full moons are amazing opportunities to release and heal," astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Refinery29. She points out that this moon is a very fortunate time to mend our bodies, minds, and hearts. And after spending the majority of 2020 in a constant state of panic, confusion, and anxiety (or was that just me?), we need that healing energy.
"Full moons have always been seen as moments in time in which the astrological energy comes to a climax," says Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for Astrology.com. "Since this moon is happening on Halloween and while the Sun is in Scorpio, a sign that is closely connected to the spiritual world, this blue moon is an obvious invitation to get super witchy!"
Halloween is also the same day as Samhain, a holiday some witches celebrate to honor the dead. Stardust says this holiday paired with Halloween makes these upcoming days an energetically potent time, because the veil between the spiritual and physical world thins (spooky, right?). Add in the blue moon, and we've got some major supernatural happenings heading our way.
"This is one of the few times within the year that we can easily bridge the gap between both worlds," Stardust explains. "The blue moon will serve as an extra illumination on the metaphorical realm, as full moons expose matters on Earth due to its effervescent glow." She says that this could allow us to see and connect with our intuition — but also ghosts and spirits. If you're easily alarmed by the paranormal, it may be best to stay inside on Halloween night (I'd suggest queuing up Casper Meets Wendy instead).
Montúfar says that if you aren't taking advantage of this lunar event and performing a witchy ritual around this time, you’re missing out on all of the mystical, fantastical, and enchanting energy in the air. Try to manifest those career goals you've been sitting on, set a time with your boo to practice some sex magic, or spend some quiet moments tuning into your intuition.
During this spectacle of a luminary, the moon will be sitting right next to Uranus, the planet of rebellion and the unexpected, while it's in the sign of the bull. Montúfar says that this means surprises are headed our way. "Uranus’s job is to bring change, and while some of us might resist it due to the fixed nature of Taurus and Scorpio, we will have to allow ourselves to lose control in order to fully digest and appreciate what will be happening around this time," she explains. 
Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at Keen.com, says that this energy from Uranus could cause us to experience sudden, but positive "a-ha" moments. "Depending on what the moon is aspecting in your chart, we could also find ourselves in a situation where it is time to let go of certain things, negative situations, and habits," she tells Refinery29. "The moon’s connection with Uranus can cause fear and anxiety, restlessness and a tendency toward rapid emotional changes."
There's some good news, too. This full moon is ruled by Venus, which is strongly placed in its home sign of Libra right now. "We can trust that some serious magic will show up for us during this time, and it will most likely involve love, relationships, and money," Montúfar says. Her advice? Trust the process, and pour these witchy vibes into a self-care routine during this full blue moon. Things might not seem like they're going our way just yet, but they'll get there — we're sure of it.

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