How Uranus, The Planet Of Rebellion, Rules A Generation

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These past few months have been quite a whirlwind. We're experiencing a global pandemic on top of a racism pandemic, both of which have disproportionately affected Black people in the United States and around the world. The way our government has handled both of these crises has been less than desirable — to put it lightly — and it's fair to say that the people have had it. They're protesting, fighting back, and taking to the streets to voice their distrust and discomfort with the power that's supposed to protect them. The way in which young people specifically are leading the charge is telling — and it may have something to do with Uranus, the planet of rebellion.
It's often said that no two birth charts are the same — that is, unless, you were born at the exact same time at the exact same place as someone else (which is possible). But still, the aspects of your birth chart are extremely personal. There are a few aspects, however, that are shared by generations. The placement of Uranus is one of them.
Uranus spends around seven years in each sign — meaning that it takes the planet around 84 years to travel through the entire zodiac. "For this reason, we share the same Uranus sign with our entire generation, and most likely feel very negatively about how the generation before and after approach all Uranian topics like freedom, individuality, protest, and social justice," Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for tells Refinery29. It makes total sense — Gen Z hasn't popularized the phrase "OK, boomer" for nothing.
Although generational differences are unavoidable — we all grow up under different circumstances, especially with ever-changing political climates and technological advances — there's something about Uranus in particular that can rule how an age group rebels. "Right now, we are really experiencing Uranus at play," Montúfar says. "Studying the Uranus sign of those who are becoming socially involved in protests and social justice can tell us a lot about their values and what they stand for, as well as the values of the generations they are going against."
The people we're seeing fighting on the frontlines for social justice tend to be younger Millennials and Generation Z (age 16-30, respectively) and they have Uranus in either Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces on their birth chart.
"Those with Uranus in Aquarius, born from 1995 to 2003, are way more daring when it comes to social justice," Montúfar says. "In modern astrology, Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, so when placed in this sign, the planet of rebellion can work at its best, making this generation the one most likely to fight, not only for themselves but for everyone’s rights." Montúfar points to activists such as Emma González and Greta Thunberg to get an understanding of the kind of approaches this group has to social justice.
"Aquarius is about connecting different people together, it's a humanitarian sign and it's about technology," astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Refinery29. "When we think about Uranus as change, [that] generation was really the first generation to benefit from technological advances." Those with Uranus in Aquarius have the ability to connect with other people through technology, Stardust explains — which is definitely apparent in the abundant calls for action regarding Black Lives Matter, voting, and even coronavirus response on social media.
The youngest members of Generation Z — born from 2003 to 2010 — have Uranus in Pisces, a sign that believes in oneness. "They are more spiritual in their approach to social justice," Montúfar says. "These folks are attracted to fight for social justice more mystically and artistically." In a way, Montúfar continues, this group is made up of the witches and spiritual warriors of the zodiac— which explains the TikTok witches for Black Lives Matter movement we saw earlier in June.
And finally, older millennials born in 1988 to 1995 have Uranus in Capricorn. "They are more cautious and conservative on their approach to social justice," Montúfar explains. "They are the ones who most likely donate to the causes they believe in, but they do it in the down-low, as they are more conservative and patient in their approach."
These three separate generations all appear to have a common goal — to fight against old and outdated ideals held by people who have Uranus in Virgo, Leo, and Libra (people who are roughly 50 to 60 years old). "Interestingly enough, those are the signs that are exactly opposite to the younger generations that we early touched on, showing a complete clash in freedom and social justice ideals," Montúfar says.
Uranus isn't just telling of how a generation acts in times of change — it can also predict how the seven years it spends in a certain sign may go. Right now, we're experiencing Uranus in Taurus. "When Uranus first entered Taurus, people were predicting that the world was going to be in famine and fall apart," Stardust explained. And... that's not too far off.
"Taurus is an Earth sign and Uranus's least favorite placement is to be in," Stardust says. "When we see Uranus in Taurus, we're talking about getting rid of old ideals and structures." Defunding the police? Abolishing racist systems that've plagued our country for hundreds of years? Sounds just like getting rid of old ideals, if you ask me.
Uranus landed in Taurus just last year, in 2019 — meaning that we'll be experiencing these themes up until 2026, when the rebellious planet enters Gemini. "Uranus was in Taurus in the years that lead up to the Civil War," Stardust says. The astrologer points out that it's interesting we've been seeing tension brewing up between the states and the federal government right now — from anything involving the coronavirus regulations to protests to statues, and even elections.
As Uranus spends the next few years in Taurus, it could be smart to channel the way the planet of progress shows itself in your own birth chart. Are you a spiritual Pisces, pushing social justice issues in an artistic way? Or are you a fighting Aquarius, ready to take charge and make a change? Whatever the case, it's time to get moving — the world is ready for it.

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