This Full Harvest Moon, The Past Will Come To Haunt Us

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In my mind, October 1 feels more like the official start of fall than the autumnal equinox. That's especially true this year, since the Full Harvest Moon falls on October 1 — an astrological event that simply screams "fall". And it's bringing in some powerful energy. "Happening in Aries, the first full moon of the zodiac calendar gets off to an intense start," Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for, tells Refinery29.
That's partially because the full moon is happening in Aries, says Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at "The sign of the ram sits across from the 7th house of the zodiac, which rules marriage and partnerships. So issues and conflicts in relationships may crop up, or relationships could come back together in some way," she explains. She says you can expect things to turn volatile around October 1, and keep up until October 16, during the new moon in Libra.
Adding to the energy: The full moon takes place in Libra season. "The Aries-Libra axis is about exploring the balance between what we do for ourselves and others, that sweet spot between self-assertion and compromise," Montúfar says. "And that spot might not be easy to find right now." Be aware of this struggle in your romantic and platonic relationships for the next few days, and be intentional in your communication, making an effort to be fair and calm about your wants and needs.
This full moon will also align with the asteroid Chiron (aka the Wounded Healer) as it's retrograde, making it a wonderful time to heal and reflect, according to astrologer Lisa Stardust. "We may want to escape our present situations and dream of the past during this luminary," she says. "One thing that's certain is that it will make us feel our feels and work on evolving from the past and former situations."
Montúfar agrees, saying that the most noticeable feature of this moon is its close proximity to the asteroid. "This points to us being put face-to-face with an emotional wounding of some kind, perhaps being related to the lack of nurturance and the feeling of safety in our lives," she explains. "And while this is not an easy territory to explore, it holds the keys for some deep healing." While this moon may be a lot to handle, it can be a time of growth for you. Try to treat the past as a platform, from which you can spring forward.
This moon is ruled by Mars, Montúfar points out, who is currently retrograde in Aries and forming a square with Saturn. "This means that many of us might already be at our breaking point as we feel the intense need to act and do something," she explains. However, Montúfar warns that it’s not yet time for us to get ahead of ourselves just yet.
"As fiery and impulsive as this energy can be, the quincunx this moon forms with Mercury in Scorpio suggests that instead of directing the energy in an outward fashion, these days are better spent digging deep in solitude as we get to the heart of the matter of the situation we are currently in," she says. Calling all introverts: This moon's for you. Draw a bath, do some journaling, go for a leisurely walk alone. The solitude will ground you.
Montúfar says that this inquisitive and probing mood will last until the end of November. "It will be deepened even more by the entrance of the sun into the sign of Scorpio later this year," she says. It'll be an emotional time, but one that leads to tremendous self-improvement — so yes, there is a light at the end of this luminary.

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