Olsen Twin Sets The Bar For Social Distancing Style

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.
From their pastel-colored lenses and bandanas circa 2000 to the black shapeless frocks they’re known for today, the Olsen twins have been our style icons for as long as we can remember. And after seeing what one of the 33-year-old sisters (it’s hard to tell with the mask on) has been wearing in quarantine, it’s clear that the time spent at home hasn’t affected their style one bit.
Yesterday morning, just hours before news reports announced that Mary-Kate Olsen was divorcing her husband of five years, French banker Pierre Olivier Sárközy, photos surfaced of one-half of the sister duo venturing outside in New York City for the first time in two months. According to InStyle, the photos show the sister in question getting out of Ashley’s car, but, since there’s arguably no twosome in popular culture more inseparable than Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that they share cars the same way they share CFDA-winning fashion labels. 
In the photos, the twin can be seen in the kind of getup our at-home wardrobes needed to be reminded of: a tailored navy blue duster, an oversized baby blue Oxford button-down, white sneakers, and a pair of charcoal gray puddle pants so good we’re ordering a similar pair as we speak. She was also sporting a pair of disposable gloves, a blue bandana around her neck, and a black face mask, the latter of which the Twitterverse seems to think is made of leather, which, on an Olsen twin, wouldn’t be that surprising. 
Olsen also accessorized with black Wayfarer-esque sunglasses and a lanyard around her neck. Though the latter may seem like a strange styling choice, it is one that I’ll likely be adopting now that it has an Olsen’s stamp of approval. 
Whether it was Mary-Kate or Ashley, the quarantine style icon we’ve been waiting patiently for these last five weeks has officially been found. Now all that’s left to do is recreate the entire look — lanyard and all. 

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