Miley Cyrus Could Make A Career Change After Quarantine

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The coronavirus pandemic has sent the world into a tailspin, making it difficult for many people to find the positives in the situation. With new talk show Bright Minded, Miley Cyrus is reminding us to focus on all of the good that is going on alongside the chaos, and the show is so well-done that it could very well be her next big move if she plays her cards right.
The singer is one of the many celebrities to create content from her home in response to the global crisis; stars like John Krasinski, January Jones, and Kylie Jenner have also been keeping the masses entertained with endless quarantine content. But what separates Bright Minded from other coronavirus-inspired projects is how big it's become since its inception. The show, which originally began as a way for Cyrus to keep up with her fans and spread good vibes across the internet, has developed into a well-fleshed out streaming program, complete with its own catchy theme song and an impressive lineup of guests.
"It’s hilarious people call this a TV show when it’s just Instagram Live,” Cyrus admitted to WSJ. Magazine. "I started calling it a show, and everyone was like, ‘OK, honey, we’ll play along with your little fantasy.' Then, all of a sudden, I’m talking to Senator Elizabeth Warren!”
"This show has evolved so deeply from trying to provide some escapism to actually the opposite," she continued. "To not escaping, to diving into deeper involvement with our community."
As the Bright Minded's purpose grew, so did its appeal. More people were tuning in to watch Cyrus and her four pups each episode, and more celebrities were willing to appear on the show. Her guests have included Elton John, Reese Witherspoon, Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez, and Zoë Kravitz, but Cyrus has also made sure to spotlight the everyday heroes working on the front lines of the pandemic.
Though creating, self-producing, and writing for the show hasn't been easy, Bright Minded now has the trappings of a talk show. She's gotten good feedback and advice from her good friend Ellen DeGeneres about the livestream, and late night host Jimmy Fallon sees a future in the space for Cyrus even after the pandemic ends.
“Can she sing? Check. Can she act? Check. Can she host a talk show? Check," Fallon told WSJ. Magazine about the 27-year-old. "She really can do it all.”
No one knows exactly when the the coronavirus will end or what the world will be like after the pandemic subsides, but until then, Cyrus plans on continuing the work that she's started with Bright Minded. Taking cues from talk show faves Cher and Oprah Winfrey, the singer intends to create space for meaningful conversation and connection during a time where many of us are feeling isolated.
"I do not want to be a preacher or a teacher," Cyrus closed. "I want to learn, and I want to listen."

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