Brad Pitt Generously Popped Out Of Quarantine To Make Us Laugh

Photo: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images.
In light of the current chaos of the world, it’s important to try to hold on to the positive things. Thankfully, John Krasinki has taken it upon himself to curate some good vibes — and he’s getting a little help from his friends.
Krasinki began the web series Some Good News last month intending to spread much needed positivity from his home. And there's no better beam of sunshine than the Hollywood heartthrob, Brad Pitt.
The actor appeared in Sunday's prom-themed episode of Some Good News to present a brief but very special weather report for the show's nearly two million subscribers. Poking his head out onto the balcony of his home, Pitt took a quick look around the palm tree-strewn skyline to assess the climate (cloudy) around him.
"It looks, uh...good," he reported confidently. "Yeah."
If the weather report seems familiar, you might be a true fan. The bit originates from a segment on the Comedy Central series The Jim Jeffries Show. On the show, hosted by comedian Jim Jeffries, Pitt delivers an apocalyptic forecast with a bright smile, all while reporting that the world was on fire.
Other guests on the episode included Krasinki's The Office co-star Rainn Wilson and performances from Billie Eilish, the Jonas Brothers, and Chance the Rapper. The episode was dedicated to the high school students around the world who are missing out on their proms, and host/DJ Kransinki closed out the show with a special setlist (that was really just him hitting shuffle on his phone's music library).
The pandemic has everyone putting on different hats — who knew that Krasinki was such a good DJ? — but I'm not complaining. Pitt can tell me the weather any time.

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