#JacquemusAtHome Is The Best Thing On Social Media Right Now

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I don’t know about you guys, but for me, social media has been anything but a comfort these days. I know, I know, TikTok is supposed to be the ultimate form of entertainment right now, and Twitter, a hub for finding the latest news worldwide. But recently, I can’t help but feel that scrolling through Instagram feeds and Twitter threads has lost its appeal. With that being said, there is one account that, despite everything going on, continues to provide much-needed escapism: @jacquemus
If you’re a fan of asymmetric shoes and extra-tiny handbags, you probably already know about Simon Porte Jacquemus, the man behind French fashion label Jacquemus. But designing viral accessories isn’t all this Provençe-born designer excels at. No, his social media skills are equally as impressive. And while it appears that everyone else on Instagram has lost their edge in quarantine, scrambling for content while stuck indoors, Porte Jacquemus has flourished. 
From slideshows of David Hockney paintings that will surely transport you into a new world (outside of your bedroom) to ASMR-esque videos of Le Chiquito-shaped cakes being sliced in half, there really is no comfort these days quite like the Jacquemus Instagram feed. But the designer’s latest social media endeavor might just be his most impressive to date.
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On Wednesday, a slideshow was uploaded onto the account featuring a main image of a child imitating the act of wearing the designer’s iconic mismatched heels, but instead of shoes, he is simply standing on his tippy toes over an orange and a lemon. The rest of the slideshow, captioned “HOME FOREVER 🌻,” includes a dreamy landscape shot presumably taken in his hometown of Provençe, a still life of sliced open figs, and a video of the designer on a bike ride. The entirety of the post was worthy of attention, of course. But only the cover image instigated a Instagram-wide photo challenge.
Following the post, which garnered over 120k likes and comments ranging from, “Obsessed with your content!!! Gets me every. Single. Time.🌹 🌹” to “Superbe inspiration 💜💜💜🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛,” many of the page’s followers began imitating the image, posting their own makeshift versions of Jacquemus’s Bahia and Portofino heels using whatever was around their homes during self-isolation. 
Soon after, he began reposting them, creating the hashtag #JacquemusAtHome to coincide with the collection. Toilet paper, animal figurines, artichokes, European adaptors — you name it, someone took a picture with it. One person even used a joint to imitate the designer’s handywork. And since submissions are still coming in, who knows what will come next. 
So, if you, like me, need a break from the overall dumpster fire that is social media during coronavirus, I suggest you head straight to Jacquemus’s Instagram feed. Better yet, first look around your apartment for the two strangest items you can find, snap a photo with each placed underneath your elevated heels, and upload it to Instagram using the hashtag #JacquemusAtHome. Now all there is to do is wait and see who makes the cut.

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