Would Hannah Brown & Tyler Cameron Just Tell Us If They’re Dating Or Not?

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The fuel to the flames keeping the Bachelor Nation fire going right now is the answer to this question: are Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron a couple? We’re all self-isolating and socially distancing while the next season of The Bachelorette has been postponed, and at this point, everyone is over Peter Weber, so this is all that’s keeping fans going. These two are our only hope for Bachelor-related entertainment!
We know that Brown and Cameron have a complicated history — it all played out on Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. What’s less clear is the question of if the two have rekindled the sparks they felt during filming and carried them into the real world.
Bachelor Nation has been in a frenzy of excited speculation about Brown and Cameron’s relationship status recently, due to the two of them spending a lot of time together during this coronavirus crisis. They’ve been filming quarantine TikToks and playing on Florida’s beaches for all to see. But does that mean they’re actually dating? It’s the only question that Bach fans want an answer to and these two just won’t give a straight one.

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During a recent Instagram Live, Cameron’s answer to a fan’s question if he and Brown were dating was, "Me and Brown Bear are dating, yes, I confirm," while Brown nodded in the background. However, “Brown Bear” is the key here, because it’s apparently the nickname of Cameron’s friend Jacob Laham, who appears to be quarantining with them. 
The relationship timeline here is complex and carries on long after filming for Brown’s season of The Bachelorette ended. Cameron was the runner-up on Brown’s quest to find true love, but after it was revealed that winner Jed Wyatt had a girlfriend prior to and during the filming of the show, Brown asked Cameron out on a date during their season’s reunion special.
Then they were spotted together in L.A. last August, shortly before Cameron began a relationship with supermodel Gigi Hadid. After that relationship ended, Brown and Cameron briefly reunited at the People’s Choice Awards in November, but shut down any speculation at the time, with Brown telling US Weekly, “I’m just really focused on myself right now and I’m just really glad that I am able to be here and to celebrate the nomination of the award." 
Fast-forward to March, and the two are starring in TikToks together as they quarantine in the same house and we have no idea how it happened.
Bachelor Nation is going off with theories, like in this Reddit thread where a user asks, regarding an Instagram live they recently posted, “How is no one talking about how he called her babe while cooking the eggs??”
Their Instagram comments are blowing up conjecture and opinions. People are thirsty and desperate for clues (and still thirsty for these two to be a couple). Some fans accuse Cameron of using Brown to get social media clout, while others are convinced he’s smiling due to Brown’s presence in his life.
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Others, like Instagram user @hwjnurse33, think it may just be a ploy and that they’re toying with our affections. They wrote, “I’m beginning to think @hannahbrown was used during by the quarantine crew to get more followers and to promote others?!?! I sure hope not b/c I think @tylerjcameron3 would be more compassionate than that! If you’ve ever loved someone you want to protect them!” 
Meanwhile, Instagram user @itssjess__s has clearly reached the end of their rope.“If you're going to be with Hannah Brown be with her. Don't go back and forth with her be a man and take charge. Stop dicking around. If you have to think about it that much you don't need to keep leading her on,” they wrote. 
Seems like there are a lot of people on Team Hannah who just want to see her valued and treated well. 
Ultimately, we don’t have an answer on this “are they or aren’t they” dating question for Cameron and Brown, and it seems like that’s how they like it. It’s a great way to keep Bachelor Nation’s eyes on them for clues, and it’s fun to speculate. For now, it seems we’re going to have to live with the uncertainty for as long as they want us to. 

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