Is It Possible That Bachelor Peter Weber Actually Ends Up Alone?

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This has been a rough season for Bachelor Peter Weber. He's been constantly ridiculed for his choices on the show by fans, but also by his own contestants — with previews teasing that at least one of this year's Bachelor contestants may voluntarily leave the competition. At this point, we need to consider the possibility that Peter may be single after The Bachelor.   
Recent previews have shown that Madison Prewett is nowhere to be found for the upcoming rose ceremony. She walked away during the dinner portion of her Fantasy Suite date with Peter after he revealed to her that he'd been intimate with one or more of the other women. Madison had previously warned him that she didn't know if she could continue dating him if he did explore his Fantasy Suite options with Hannah Ann Sluss or Victoria Fuller, and she may make good on that warning by not showing up for the rose ceremony and choosing to go home. Madison could be the one who Peter's mom begged him to "bring home" in numerous promos for the season. "Don't let her go," his mom has said through tears in just about every Bachelor sizzle reel. "Bring her home to us."
Alternatively, Hannah Ann may leave the show out of frustration at feeling like a leftover choice. "I want to feel chosen," she insisted in the promo for the then-upcoming rose ceremony. She seems to not want to be given a rose just because Madison may have left and Peter couldn't pick her anymore. Maybe Hannah is the one that Peter's mom wants her to go get.
If Madison or Hannah do leave, though, there's always the possibility that Peter will take his mom's advice and chase the mysterious "her" down in an attempt to get back together with her. But by then it may be too late. Peter could get rejected, and there's no coming back from chasing a contestant down in a grand romantic gesture. He can't then just pick one of the other ones. If he goes after his missing contestant and she doesn't budge, he could very well be single now. 
There's also the possibility that Peter was so indecisive and second guessed himself so much that he couldn't choose and he pulled a Brad Womack, leaving both his final two without an engagement. Former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe told E! News that her theory is, "The only way you can't spoil [the show] is he didn't make a decision."
For the first time in a long time, notorious Bachelor spoiler blogger Reality Steve hasn't been able to provide a concrete answer about how Peter's season ends. Perhaps that's because he doesn't end up with any of his remaining women. And host Chris Harrison teased to E! News that the show has a "shocking, riveting, gut wrenching ending." It could be gut-wrenching because Peter doesn't actually end up with the love of his life, because she ultimately rejects him for sleeping with someone else after she said not to (Madison) or for making her feel second best (Hannah). 
Fortunately there's only one more week until we know for sure one way or the other. But don't take single Peter off the table as an option just yet.

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