Maybe Hannah Brown Should Just Be The Bachelorette Again

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As soon as The Bachelor starts the search for the next Bachelorette is on. But this time, that search isn't going so well. There are six contestants remaining on Peter Weber's season, and none of them are an obvious choice, especially since there's been so much drama this season on and outside of The Bachelor. But, there is someone who is very open to appearing on this franchise and who could probably use a second chance at love... Should Hannah Brown just be the Bachelorette again?
As you'll recall if you're a fan of the show, Hannah's time on The Bachelorette was upended by two people: Luke Parker and Jed Wyatt. Hannah fell hard for Luke, but he was awful to an extent that Hannah didn't realize until he made it to the final four. His drama distracted from Hannah's relationships with the other men, but eventually she figured things out for herself and sent the sex-shamer packing. With Luke gone, Hannah thought she was in the clear, but then she chose Jed over woke model Tyler Cameron and windmill legend Peter only to find out that Jed joined the show while in a relationship, and she ended their engagement. Hannah's season was less about finding love, and more a challenge in which she had to spot the assholes while America watched on to see if she could do that and manage to find her way to a happy ending.
While her search for a husband was not successful, Hannah won over a lot of fans and grew as a person before our eyes. On Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor, Hannah was known for being involved in pageant queen drama and making everyone cringe while she tried to give a toast. The Bachelorette really changed things in the eyes of viewers and in her own eyes. "I realized how strong of a woman I am, and how resilient I can be," Hannah wrote on Instagram when the season ended. "My love story might not have been the one I would have initially written for myself; however, falling more in love with the woman I am at the end of this journey is something I’ll always look back on fondly." With her new outlook, Hannah would likely have a better experience the second time around.
And, really, it feels like she deserves that. Perhaps "deserve" is a strong word to use when it comes to leading a reality show in which finding a life partner means handing out fewer and fewer flowers to various men for three months (does anyone really deserve such a thing?), but Hannah went in looking for love and got blindsided by douchebags, and that wasn't her fault. If there's no one to choose from Peter's season — and so far, no one seems to have a clear shot at the role — Hannah getting a mulligan would make sense, so she could, hopefully, have a more honest go of it.
If Hannah was to be the Bachelorette again, on behalf of her and all the fans, I urge the producers to cast a group of men who all at least seem like good people. Is that so much to ask? Just do a decent Google search and talk to them long enough to confirm they are generally decent dudes. Go through their social media accounts with a fine tooth comb. No dog food jingle writers allowed this time. And keep any contestant who's primed to shame someone for having sex before marriage away from our sex positive Bachelorette queen, okay? They're simply not compatible. Let Hannah hang out with some nice guys and the drama can stem from the fact that she can't decide which hot, respectful dude she wants to leave with.
A Bachelorette coming back for round two would also be a first for the series. Yes, the Bachelor franchise has pulled this move on The Bachelor, when Brad Womack was the lead twice in seasons 11 and 15, but maybe it's time for The Bachelorette to try out the same thing. (In case you're wondering, he didn't find lasting love from either season, but, hey, The Bachelorette has a higher success rate.)
Of course, Hannah and the contestants from Peter's season aren't the only options for Bachelorette producers. The show could also bring someone back from a past season or someone who made a splash on Bachelor in Paradise. This would be an especially good option when it comes to casting a non-white Bachelorette. Out of the 15 leads, 14 have been white and one has been black. And while Hannah makes great TV, it'd be nice to make that stat a little less appalling and bring some more representation to the series. Katie Morton, Tayshia Adams, and Bibiana Julian have all been big hits in the franchise, and after appearing on multiple spin-off series, all three remain in the consciousness of Bachelor Nation.
There is the matter, though, of whether the person who the show wants actually wants the job. Luckily for Hannah Beast stans, the former lead hasn't ruled a return out — which should come as little surprise considering the amount she's been on TV since her season ended. She won Dancing with the Stars, appeared on Bachelor in Paradise, and showed up on Peter's season twice. Still, she's not exactly running back with open arms...
"I don't know [if I'd be the Bachelorette again]!" she told Entertainment Tonight in January. "There was a lot of hard and bad about it. I mean, hello. Did we see my ending? But there's a lot of good that comes out of it too. I would never, like, completely bash the Bachelor franchise. I think it's had a lot of success in the people that are together are very happily together. So, of course, I want that, but it doesn't have to be as the Bachelorette."
But she's saying there's still a chance, right? If she's single (some fans think she could be with Peter) and the show is single, this could be just the match they're both looking for. As for fans, we'd have the chance to get the no-nonsense, podium-moving Hannah rather than Luke-focused Hannah for an entire season. And who doesn't want to see that?

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