Alert: Jed Wyatt's Dog Food Jingle Has Been Located

Photo: ABC/John Fleenor.
During the first part of the Bachelorette finale that aired Monday night, Jed Wyatt tried to impress Hannah Brown's father by announcing that he was the proud creator of a dog food jingle. Now, I'm hesitant to give Wyatt too much flack here, since this kind of work is the reality of being an up-and-coming musician, but I will cede that it's a shame it had to be for dog food — couldn't it have been for insurance, or something? Nope, dog food. Not long after the boast, fans located the jingle in question, and's not bad!
“At this point, my most major accomplishment is that I’ve signed a deal with a dog food company,” Jed said during the episode. “I’ve already written their jingle and that’s been like my first real breakthrough.”
The jingle was written for dog food company Better Bowl, based in Grand Rapids, MI. Their whole MO is healthy, natural dog food, with a dash of Bachelorette-contestant-who-may-have-cheated-on-his-girlfriend. Bachelor Party podcast found a commercial for the company that uses the jingle, and it's not the only one.
While that particular video is short and sweet, People discovered a longer version over on Facebook that features more of the lyrics and, just as importantly, more dogs.
“You get home/You know who’s been waiting/Wagging by the door,” the jingle goes. “Rain or shine kind of love/Like nothing you’ve seen before/Your dog really does deserve the best/Go pick ’em up some Better Bowl.”
Of course, the jingle has already elicited a number of jokes.
"The better bowl was Tyler C!!" someone replied on Twitter.
"I love dogs, but I don't love Jed," another commented on Facebook.
Way harsh, guys. But I guess just as dog food commercials come with the music industry territory, so do unsolicited opinions. At this point in his Bachelorette journey, Wyatt is definitely used to both.

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