Thanksgiving Sex Stories That Are Better Than Cranberry Sauce

Photographed by Lula Hyers.
Thanksgiving might seem like the least sexy holiday. While Valentine’s Day is all about romance and Labor Day marks the end of summer (and honors the labor movement), Thanksgiving is mostly about… eating. And having sex with a very full stomach can be uncomfortable. After Thanksgiving dinner, I just want to nap.
Thanksgiving may be sexier than you think, though. According to a survey by, more Americans conceive children on Thanksgiving than any other holiday, though Valentine’s Day was a close second. As the Daily Mail headline reads, “It's not just the turkey getting stuffed!”
We headed over to Reddit and found that, yep, people really are having sex on Thanksgiving. Some of them are getting it on in the morning, before people come over and before beginning to eat — a smart idea, if you ask us. Others skipped the traditional Thanksgiving feast in favor of a lighter meal. And still others threw caution to the wind and got it on after — or even during — dinner.
Read these Reddit Thanksgiving sex stories for inspiration — or just enjoyment.

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