Why You Should Start Your Day With Morning Sex

Photographed by Lula Hyers.
Back in 2004, Maroon 5 released “Sunday Morning,” a hit single all about the joys of having sex on, well, Sunday morning. Fast-forward thirteen years, and a 2017 study by British health and beauty retailer Superdrug confirmed what Maroon 5 already knew: the best time of the week to have sex is 9 a.m. on a Sunday morning. (If by “best” you mean “voted most popular in a survey of 2,000 Brits,” that is.)
There are many reasons why you should have morning sex — yes, even on weekdays. “Morning is one of my favorite times for sex. Whether or not there is an orgasm involved, it is a great way to begin the day,” Liz Goldwyn, founder of The Sex Ed, a multimedia platform for sex, health and consciousness education, tells Refinery29. 

You’re at your best

Depending on how we spent our evenings, nighttime sex can be less than ideal. “Focusing sex as a highlight at the end of an evening or date isn’t always ideal — we may not be at our ‘freshest,’ whether we’ve consumed a big meal, alcohol, or are just tired from our day,” Goldwyn says.

Your body is ready

No matter your gender, all of us sometimes wake up with “morning wood” — an erect penis or clitoris. This is all thanks to your body’s changes during the REM changes of sleep. Waking up with an erect penis or clitoris doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re turned on… but hey, it might help you get there quicker. 

Sex might feel better

Some studies suggest that sex may feel better in the morning because our testosterone levels are highest at the start of the day. We all have testosterone in our bodies, and this hormone plays a big role in how we experience sexual desire. And there’s an extra benefit for people with penises: studies have indicated that higher testosterone levels can improve erection strength and sexual function for them.

You’ll relieve stress 

Sex is a proven stress-reliever, and can even help you start your day off feeling calmer, thanks to the chemicals dopamine and serotonin. Some people even use masturbation as one tool to help manage anxiety (though it’s not a cure-all).

You’ll be more productive at work

A 2017 showed that for around 24 hours after you have sex, you’re more productive at work. Researchers found that employees who had sex were not only in better moods, but also showed “more sustained work engagement and job satisfaction."

Your immune system will get stronger

Some research indicates that morning sex can boost your immune system throughout the day by enhancing your IgA levels (that’s an antibody that protects against infection). Hey, anything to help stave off a cold.

You’ll feel connected to your partner

If you have a partner, having morning sex can help you bond. “Often in a partnership, we are busy and may have trouble finding time and energy to have sex that suits differing schedules and libidos. Knocking it out first thing in the morning leaves you both smiling during the workday,” Goldwyn says. “This can increase connection and intimacy, giving you more to look forward to later!”

You’ll start your day in a good mood

Sex just makes us feel good — and it’s not all about physical pleasure. We also experience increased levels of dopamine and oxytocin. As Lawrence Siegel, a clinical sexologist and certified sexuality educator, once told Refinery29, "An orgasm is a massive release of feel-good chemicals that leaves you in a meditative state of consciousness.”
BTW, all of these benefits (except for bonding with your partner) also apply to solo sex — so go ahead and place a fully-charged vibrator in your nightstand for easy access in the A.M.

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