These 5 Sex Tips Will Turn You Into A Morning Person

It can be tough enough to wake up in the morning without several presses of the snooze button, let alone squeezing in morning sex. But getting it on in the a.m. can definitely be worth your while.
If you begin your day by getting laid, you're setting yourself up to enjoy the benefits of frequent sexual activity, which include better memory, less stress, and even glowing skin. Plus, you'll go through your daily routine with the swagger of knowing you got some. And once you've gone through your day, you don't have to stress about sex with your partner if you're too tired at night. Seems like something we should all be doing more of, no?
To help you have more morning sex, we rounded up five tips on how to fit sexy time into your a.m. schedule.

While we're arguably more in control of and confident about our sexuality than ever, there's still so much we don't know about female arousal. So this month, we're exploring everything you want and need to know about how women get turned on now. Check out more
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Open your curtains.

No, that's not a vagina joke. One of the biggest roadblocks to morning sex might just be sleepiness, so let the morning light shine into your bedroom to help wake you up.

According to Michael Breus, PhD, a.k.a. "The Sleep Doctor," light exposure could actually work better than going to bed earlier when it comes to getting energized enough for a.m. sex. While natural light will work wonderfully, Dr. Breus suggests purchasing specialty bulbs if you really want to commit.
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Use a vibrator.

Weekday morning sex can often happen in a time crunch, so if you have a clitoris and want to make sure you come, adding a vibrator to partnered sex can usually help. This can be particularly helpful for those who are having sex with people with penises.

"Men tend to climax faster than women, which could potentially leave the women unsatisfied after a quickie," says Meg Ross, founder of subscription sex toy company The Nooky Box. "Enter vibrator, the key to dual satisfaction."

There are lots of vibes out there, some more tailored for partnered sex than others, so just make sure to find the best one for you. For avid morning sex-havers, might we suggest the Little Rooster? It's an alarm clock and vibrator that wakes you up by getting you off.
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Embrace body odor.

Rather than fret about morning breath, unwashed vaginas, and smelly armpits, embrace the wonderfully messy reality of sex.

"Just have fun and try not to stress about things like body odor or bad breath," says Small Hands, an AVN award-winning porn performer and husband to fellow performer Joanna Angel.

You know how the taste of your partner's mouth and the smell of their armpits can turn you on in an almost primal way? They likely feel the same way about you. So no need to brush your teeth or shower — you're ready to go.
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Do it in the shower.

That said, actually having sex in the shower is a definite morning sex "do." If you have somewhere to go that morning, you'll kill two birds with one stone by washing up and getting off at the same time.
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Start slow.

If you have extra time in the morning or you're not exactly a morning person, take things slow.

"Gently start rubbing your body against your partner spoon style," Small Hands says. "I also like to gently massage my partner; I prefer this method versus barreling into my poor, sleepy wife without notice, like I'm the goddamn police kicking in a speakeasy door during prohibition."

If you and your partner have particularly hectic schedules, set aside a morning to sensually ease into sex and enjoy the perks of starting your day with an orgasm. Who knows? Sunday morning sex could turn into all-day sex.

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