This Is The Most Popular Time For Morning Sex

Photographed by Lula Hyers.
It's easy to see the merits of morning sex. You're starting your day on a high, and you can really give it your all with the help of a full night's sleep. Not only is everyone pretty much in agreement that morning sex is great, those who participate seem to find themselves doing it at the exact same time. Yes, there's a specific day and time of the week that most couples find themselves indulging in a little morning delight, and it was unearthed during a recent study conducted by UK-based pharmacy company Superdrug. After surveying 2,000 British participants, they found that 9 AM on a Sunday was everyone's favorite time to have sex. Something about the promise of a full day ahead made Sunday mornings even more appealing than weekend nights. "People are relaxed, and have more time on their hands," sex expert Alix Fox told Elite Daily. The least popular times include Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings and nights, proving that coming home from a long day of work isn't exactly conducive to bedroom activities. Instead, people are saving sex to combat the Sunday blues — and if we had to guess, it's working.

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