If You Love The Cute Teens Of Let It Snow, Don’t Miss This Hidden Sequence

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Warning: Spoilers ahead for the end of Netflix's Let It Snow.
When you think post-credits sequence or mid-credits sequence, you think big budget blockbuster. You know, something like Howard Duck popping up at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy. But your Avengers and Justice Leagues aren’t the only ones to have their unexpected moving-ending fun. Case in point: Netflix’s new teen holiday movie Let It Snow
Surprise — there’s a reason to stick around when you think Netflix's Midwestern streaming delight ends. And if you’re as obsessed with Let It Snow’s lovable teens as we are, you’re going to want to see this. 
Initially, it seems the snowy flick ends just as Keon’s (Jacob Batalon) Waffle House Christmas party gets going. Keon, Angie (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's Kiernan Shipka), Tobin (Mitchell Hope), and JP (Matthew Noszka) dance in a huge group of people. Julie (Isabela Merced) and pop star Stuart (Shameik Moore) jump around a few yards away. It’s sweet, and Joan Cusack’s Tin Foil Woman, who opens the movie with some narration, provides her pro-snow farewell message. 
“Snow can make a difference! Especially on Christmas Eve,” she explains. “And sometimes it’s not just the eve of Christmas. It’s the eve of everything. Of the rest of your life.” 
After a few seconds, it’s fade to black and cut to the very adorable Let It Snow animated credits. This appears to be the perfect place to finish a Netflix holiday movie, particularly after Tin Foil Hat woman’s rousing speech on the magic of wintery weather. 
Then, as Ric Wilson’s “Don't Rush” blares over the final credit — Dylan Clark Productions — the hip hop song plays us back into the Waffle House. The teens of Laurel, IL. are partying to Wilson's track. Welcome to a mid-credits scene! 
This is our confirmation Let It Snow's best couples are destined to last, at least until New Year’s Eve. There’s even a new pairing taking shape that was hinted at earlier in the story. First we see Julie and Stuart shimmying at each other. After a movie's worth of will-they-or-won't-they chemistry, we can feel confident these crazy kids are really going to give romance a try.
Then the camera swings towards Tobin and Angie. Tobin twirls Angie around before they fall into each other, wildly in love. Although Angie spends most of Let It Snow considering hunky college boy JP as a love interest, it's evident Tobin really is the one. Neither half of the couple could look happier.
The shot then follows the group of dancers who posted up in Waffle House earlier in the film. One of the dancers takes a beer from a Reston brother (Jon and Jamie Champagne), hinting at a possible love connection there. Since the siblings have finally stopped terrorizing Tobin, we can feel good about watching them enjoy the festivities.
At last we see Let It Snow's final major couples. Dorrie (Liv Hewson) and Kerry (Anna Akana) are happily bopping around the floor with Kerry’s dance friends. Next to them we spot Dorrie’s best friend Addie (Odeya Rush) dancing with none other than JP, whom we last saw holding Addie and Dorrie’s pig in a very sweet manner. After Addie’s abrupt split with Jeb (Mason Gooding), it appears she has found the right love connection for her. It's a Christmas miracle.
Now we can rest assured every single person we’ve come to love over Let It Snow has found their happy ending. So the holiday movie cuts to Dorrie and Addie’s pig, who is hanging out by the snack table and wearing a Santa hat. It’s egregiously cute. 

That’s what you call an ending. 

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