During The New Moon In Virgo, Commit To Yourself

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Virgo season has officially begun, and the new moon will rise in Virgo on Friday, August 30th. In astrology, the new moon is a time for introspection and reflection as we celebrate a new beginning. This month, we can expect to experience Virgo’s influence as we observe the new moon. As you may know, Virgo is associated with organization, idealism, and healing.
“The Virgo new moon is a perfect time to commit: to commit to a new venture, a new project, a new pursuit, or even yourself,” Gabriela Herstik, author of Inner Witch: A Modern Guide to the Ancient Craft, tells Refinery29. “Virgo is represented by the virgin or maiden, with virgin originally meaning someone who was complete unto themselves. I love the idea of working with the Virgo new moon as a chance to not only commit to yourself, but to honor and love every part of who you are.”
This may take the form of performing a new moon ritual. “You may wish to perform a ritual of dedication to yourself (like marrying yourself in a pagan handfasting ceremony), or a ritual in dedication of a commitment you can make to your growth and evolution,” Herstik suggestions. “In ritual, write down one thing you can commit to until Virgo season is over, and on the full moon in Pisces, check to make sure you’re on track with this.”
If ritual is too intimidating, Herstik has other suggestions, too. “Spending time outside in nature, meditating and visualizing what you want your professional or personal life to look like, researching a new path of magick, or spending time connecting to what feeds your spirit are all practices that are supported right now.” 
T. C. Stewart, founder of The Witch Of Lupine Hollow, suggests reflecting on what Virgo really means, and its position in your chart. “Virgo is the sign of the virgin, but if you're having trouble relating to that concept in 2019 (age of Hex the Patriarchy), think of it this way: Virgo is an aspect of the priestess archetype, who were often required to be virginal in ancient times but wielded great power,” she explains. “The Vestal Virgins are an excellent example. They entered the service of the goddess Vesta at an early age and were required to remain virgins until the age of 36. These were some of the most powerful women in Rome, responsible for tending the sacred hearth and the flame believed to protect the Roman Empire. They could pardon prisoners, free slaves, and their presence was considered vital at ceremonies such as the games held at the famous Coliseum.”
Today, Stewart adds, “Virgo and the asteroid Vesta represent our relationship with rituals, sacred space and devotion. This is the perfect time to contemplate the rituals in your life and how they serve you. We all have daily rituals and routines, whether they are intentional or not.” 
While the new moon is in Virgo, Stewart suggests examine your own birth chart. "Taking a look at where Virgo and Vesta appear can be a great place to start looking for the answers to these questions within yourself.” And no matter what your birth chart looks like, it's a good time to reflect on your daily routines: “How can you be more mindful about the activities you do each day? How can you introduce new mini rituals into your life that fulfill your own unique spiritual needs?"

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