Sex With A Virgo? Here’s What To Expect

Photographed by Natalia Mantini.
Virgo season is here, so let’s talk about seducing your Virgo crush. Virgo’s symbol is the virgin or the maiden, but this doesn’t mean that Virgos aren’t into sex. Far from it. “Completely forget about that virgin archetype myth,” Annabel Gat, author of The Astrology Of Love & Sex, tells Refinery29. “Virgos are not prudes. They’re an earth sign. They are sensual, they are lusty, and they love to have sex.”
Virgos are known for their attention to detail, and this trait shows up in their sex lives. “Virgos can definitely be picky, so they might not want to have sex with you, but they do love to have sex,” Gat says. Think of Cher in Clueless saying, “You see how picky I am about my shoes, and they only go on my feet.” Once your Virgo has decided you're worthy, though, get ready for fireworks.
Mercury, the planet of communication, rules Virgo. So Virgos are all about talk. When flirting, Virgos love witty banter and forming an intellectual connection. When it comes to sex, break out your best dirty talk — and start the foreplay with some sexting beforehand. 
Virgos love to learn — so they can excited about trying new sex positions, kinks, and toys. “They have a really inquisitive nature. They love to try new things,” Gat says. They're also very visual. “Invite them to a sex party. They may not want to join in, but they’ll enjoy watching. Watch some porn with them — go through the interesting categories and try out some of the new stuff. Or masturbate in front of them and show them the way you like to do it.”
Virgos have a tendency to stay in their heads, so sex can be a good way to ground them in their bodies. “Reconnecting with their senses is a good, happy, powerful place for them to be,” Gat says. “They can spend all day in their mind sorting out details. Having sex — whether it’s with themselves or with their partners — is an amazing way for them to connect with their bodies.”

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