Every Virgo Is My Role Model & They Should Be Yours, Too

illustrated by Abbie Winters.
The moment I learned my moon sign is Virgo, something clicked in my soul. My tendency to overthink and worry, my need for a steady routine, and my general hatred for PDA — all that was reflected in how astrologers usually characterize Virgos. I didn't start blaming all of my flaws on my moon sign, but it definitely lent some clarity to my astrological identity (I knew my Capricorn sun wouldn't allow me to be this much of a hypochondriac).
But, the more I learned about this sign, the more I realized that I should be trying to emulate Virgo's virtues — and not just use it as an explanation for my preexisting neuroses.
The standard bearer for Virgo excellence is, of course, Beyoncé. Born on September 4, Queen Bey's astrological identity shines through in her rigorous schedule, attention to detail in her performances and videos, and the value she places in crafting a #Flawless public image. By no means am I saying that anyone hoping to adopt more Virgoan traits should set the bar at Beyoncé's level straight out of gate — that'll only lead to failure.
Besides, she isn't the only famous Virgo we can look to for inspiration. There's Keanu Reeves and his incredible charity work (which he keeps extremely low-key). There's Amy Poehler and the work she does to empower young women. There's Padma Lakshmi and her ability to deliver the harshest critiques on Top Chef without ever sounding less than pleasant (Lakshmi deserves to be noted for more, but her honey-sweet-yet-scathing demeanor really is the most Virgo thing about her). But, last but not least, there are all the non-famous Virgos you know in your regular life.
No Zodiac sign consists entirely of good people, but I'm willing to bet that, if you have a friend who happens to be a Virgo, they're an integral part of your support system. They make sure you book your annual dental appointment and always ask if you have your keys before going out. They don't mind being the one at the bar who asks to turn down the music. They somehow always have their laundry done. And all of this comes as second nature to them.
For all the flak that Virgos get for seeming prissy or acting out of their overblown anxieties (I silently raise my hand), they know how to attack a to-do list with a feverish intensity I can only dream of matching. I fully recognize not everyone would be comfortable living their every day as a Virgo, but to me, this truly is the most aspirational sign.
So, as Virgo season unfolds, embrace the vibes and try taking a page out of Virgo's book. You might not attack your to-do list with sniper-like precision, but maybe you remember to pick up groceries on a regular basis. Either way, (and no shade to the rest of the Zodiac), you'll probably be better off for it.

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