3 Types Of Virgo You Might Be

produced by Julie Borowsky; modeled by Kiara Sherman; modeled by Nedra Washington; photographed by Rochelle Brock.
Did you wake up this morning feeling more focused, self-less, and in the mood to micromanage? You're not alone — today officially kicks off Virgo season, in which we all fall under the influence of this intelligent, highly organized, worrywart of an earth sign. As you might have guessed, this will be a major change of pace from the stroll over the coals that was Leo season.
Virgos come with their fair share of stereotypes — they're often dismissed as prissy, critical, and anti-fun — but this is the sign that everyone else turns to when they need to get stuff done. And yes, that means that Virgos tend to love their lists and trips to the Container Store, but it also means that they're a reliable support system who can do much more than boss around their friends who ask for their help.
Like every other sign of the Zodiac, it's impossible to distill Virgos down to a single, pat description. There are, in fact, a few more defined personality types that dwell within this sign. Here, in honor of Virgo season, we'll take a closer look at each of them.

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