From Crewnecks To Bike Shorts — Hailey Bieber Reminds Us That Princess Diana's Style Still Lives On

Photo: Phillip Faraone/WireImage.
Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something comes along to remind you that it’s 2019, and anything is possible. Enter Hailey Bieber’s latest shoot for Vogue Paris, in which the model tries to channel the legendary style of the late Princess Diana. The editorial — shot by Gregory Harris and styled by Virginie Benarroch — is an homage to the “People’s Princess,” whose off-duty fashion was obsessively documented by paparazzi.
Naturally, there are biker shorts galore, as well as oversized crewneck sweaters and baseball caps. Bieber does her best impression of a princess on the go. In one image, the model is digging through her black crossbody — searching for something as Diana might have — while she holds her keys in her mouth. Bieber sports a tousled ponytail, a red sweatshirt from “Maine University” (which isn’t technically a real school, but I digress), glossy black biker shorts, and crisp white sneaks.
“All credit and inspo to the amazingly beautiful and iconically stylish Princess Diana who I’ve looked to for style inspiration for as long as I can remember,” Bieber wrote on Instagram. “Thank you for leaving behind such an iconic fashion and style legacy.”
The timing of the shoot is certainly notable — the 22nd anniversary of the princess’s untimely death falls on August 31. While the photos mostly recreated Diana’s penchant for athleisure before athleisure was even a thing, Bieber emulated one dressy look that the Princess of Wales made instantly iconic. The model showed her interpretation of the ensemble Diana wore to the Guards Polo Club in Windsor to cheer on Prince Charles in 1988, where it was all about the baseball cap, oversized men’s blazer, and light wash jeans effortlessly tucked into cowboy boots.
Although Bieber doesn’t quite capture the sartorial essence of Lady Di — whose style secret was that she wasn’t ever really trying — the images reinforce something we can all agree on: Diana left us with enough style inspiration to last for generations, and for that we are truly grateful.