What Happened To Angela Amezcua Last Time She Was On Bachelor In Paradise

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You may know Angela Amezcua's name because her ex-boyfriend Clay Harbour has talked about her on Bachelor in Paradise season 6. But before she and Clay even met, Angela was on Bachelor in Paradise season 5 dating someone else entirely.
Clay and Angela didn't actually meet until her time on BiP had concluded. Angela revealed that she and Clay were dating during the season 5 reunion show, where she also saw her BiP ex Eric Bigger. That's right, before Clay, Angela dated Eric on BiP. And they're both going to be at Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson's wedding where Angela is a bridesmaid, so that's gonna be fun for everyone.
Angela and Eric actually hit it off pretty early in Paradise and by episode 3 they were kissing. Prior to getting together, neither of them made a big splash on the show. They both didn't even get a BIP intro package during the premiere. Even once they were coupled up in Paradise, they kind of flew under the radar. They were barely seen in episodes 4 or 5, although some brief mentions showed they were still together and enjoying their makeout sessions.
By episode 7, they'd been granted an elusive date card and a chance to show off their personalities to the audience back home. Their date was the stay-in kind, where they were taken to a hotel off-set and given fancy robes, champagne, cheese, and seafood.
Angela and Eric's talk on the date was about how both of them wanted to go all-in on the relationship, so things were looking up for the duo. Until the very next episode, that is. The trouble with Paradise is that a couple will be solid one week (or for multiple weeks) and then a new person with a date card comes in and shakes everything up. That's what happened to Angela and Eric during the eighth episode when Cassandra Ferguson (from all the way back to Juan Pablo Galavis' Bachelor season) came onto the show and stole Eric away for a date.
Okay, she didn't steal him. Eric willingly went, which really upset Angela. The show then cut between scenes of Eric and Cassandra on a cowboy-themed date and Angela back on the beach sobbing. It was extra ironic when Eric told Cassandra he wanted a consistent and honest woman, which isn't really what he was being for Angela at the moment. Angela later confronted Eric about his change of heart, but he wasn't really able to give her the answer she was looking for, although he'd previously said in a confessional that he just felt his relationship with Angela had kind of stalled out and he wasn't feeling it anymore.
Cassandra soon would also not be feeling it with Eric, because Angela told Cassandra that he'd just been out with her prior to going out with Cassandra on a date. Cassandra seemed unhappy about being second on Eric's back-to-back dates. "I wouldn't want someone who flip flops like that," Cassandra said. However, Cassandra did accept Eric's rose during that week's ceremony, while Angela was sent packing.
The very next episode, Eric seemed to have decided sending Angela home was a mistake and he also left Paradise, claiming to be too lost and tired of the process now that Angela wasn't there. Whoops. They didn't rekindle anything outside the show, though. Angela moved on after BiP with Clay, which she revealed to the fans at home during the finale reunion show. During the reunion, Angela also had one last talk with Eric about their relationship where she wasn't having any of his nonsense about them not having a romantic spark. "Then why were you calling me your 'queen,' player?" she said to him. Yeah, she went there.
Based on that fire retort, fans shouldn't really be worried about Angela seeing either of her exes at the wedding. Clay and Eric may wanna steer clear of her, though, lest they get burned.

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