The Simple Way To Wear Instagram's Trendiest Manicure

Photo: Christian Vierig/Getty Images.
For some, the rainbow manicure trend — with every fingernail painted a different color — might feel a little intimidating. It's hard enough to pick one polish color, so the thought of curating five that play well together (undertones and all) brings on a massive headache. Luckily, for those who've been hesitant to try the look, the summer variation on the multicolored manicure is the most wearable yet. The key is sticking with soft, pastel polishes.
Ahead, we've rounded up photos that showcase exactly how to pull off the pastel rainbow manicure. It's one part fun, one sunshine-y — but it's still attainable for those who tend to fall back on the French manicure because it sidesteps statement-making neons for more muted shades. From baby pink paired with creamsicle orange to a lavender and light green combo, read on to find your soft-hued rainbow manicure inspiration.
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