All The Hidden Meanings Behind Sansa Stark's Finale Look

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It’s over — it’s so over. Game of Thrones aired its last ever episode last night. [Spoiler Alert] While fans are saying that Dany’s demise and Bran the Broken’s ascension to the Iron Throne aren't exactly the endings they were hoping for, there was one part that lived up to their expectations: the outfits.
Between Dany’s leather dress, the return of Jon’s Night’s Watch ‘fit and a new “what’s west of Westeros?” look for Arya, it's clear that costume director, Michele Clapton wasn't messing around. But if we had to choose just one finale look to nerd out over, it’d be the dress Sansa Stark wore to finally get her crown.
For the character who said arguably the least in the finale, Sansa got it pretty good in the end: A brother ruling the Seven Six Kingdoms, another brother not getting executed for treason, and a free North to do what she pleases with. With all that, it’s no wonder she got so dressed up.
To finish what Robb started, Sansa donned a dress made just for her, with each detail symbolizing the journey that got her to where she is today (or, uhh, six hundred or so years ago). Let's start with the sleeves, which were stitched with Weirwood leaves from the magical tree that stands in Winterfell. If you remember, these white-barked trees only grow in the woods of the North, so it's naturally become a symbol of the place Sansa grew up in, and fought so fiercely to protect. Also adorning her sleeves were fish scales, representing House Tully. Sansa's mother, Catelyn Stark (formerly Tully), was slain during the Red Wedding, so it's no wonder that Sansa would honor her and her house during her coronation.
Further up the dress, you can see a delicate breast plate enhanced with what looks like tree branches. Another nod to the Weirwood forest? We'd say yes. This isn't Sansa's first foray into armor, with the final season introducing a more battle-ready look for her character. But unlike the leather outerwear she's donned in the past, this metal piece symbolizes a peaceful beginning for the North.
Around her neck you can find a wolf stole, the token of House Stark. And to finish it all off is her crown — and out of every character in the show, Sansa has probably endured the most for it. Between standing by while her father was executed (by her fiancé, no less); being forced to marry not one, but two cruel and abusive men; and losing her mother, brother, and unborn niece/nephew at the Red Wedding, we couldn't be happier to see Sansa Stark crowned Queen of the North. Her crown? A wolf-embossed woven ring that fits her character to a T.
So while GoT fans aren't exactly thrilled with the way D.B. Weiss and David Benioff ended the show, I think we can all agree to give the show's real winner, costume director Michele Clapton, a round of applause. Below, check out what Twitter's saying about the newly crowned Queen of the North's finale look.

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