The Hidden Meaning Behind Sansa Stark's Necklace on Game of Thrones

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Any true Game of Thrones fan knows to fully understand the plot, you have to dive a little deeper than simply tuning in on Sunday nights. We're accustomed to scouring Reddit post-episode to see what experts think, watching HBO's After The Episode explanations, and stalking social media for hints — the latter of which brings us to today's dirt.
Last Sunday night, millions tuned in for episode two of six, where Arya got it on for the first time, Daenerys discovered the truth about Jon Snow Aegon Targaryen, and Brienne became a knight (because fuck tradition). But c'mon, even the most lax GoT fan could see those things coming. Instead, it's the little things that we need help fully wrapping our heads around. Case in point: the chain necklace that Sansa Stark's been donning since the show's fifth season.
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The moment Sansa grew up.. no more a naive victim...

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The heavy piece of jewelry, which features a silver circle pierced by a needle, isn't exactly new to Sansa's wardrobe, but only recently have fans started asking questions about its significance. Thankfully, Michele Clapton, Game of Thrones costume designer, gave us the low down on this particular accessory and what it means for the Lady of Winterfell. On Sunday, Clapton shared a photo of Sansa wearing the necklace on her Instagram feed, with the caption, "The moment Sansa grew up.. no more a naive victim..."
Of all her fellow cast members, Sansa's arguably had one of the most tumultuous storylines on the show. Between watching her fiancé make the order for her father's head, being forced into a loveless marriage to Tyrion Lannister, being forced again into a rocky (and that's an understatement) marriage to Ramsay Bolton, she hasn't exactly had it easy. But in the last few seasons, we've seen her turn into a serious badass. Clapton's cryptic caption seems to reflect Sansa's immense growth.
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Sansa is taking it all on!

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Responding to a few avid fans, Clapton explained that she uses "circles as they represent a positive emotional message of harmony and protection. The circle is often used to represent unity and commitment, they are associated with women's strength." Last season, Sansa stood up for the North, defending her people while Jon was off fighting White Walkers, petting dragons in Dragonstone, and hanging out in the Dragonpit. Sansa's ability to unite the Northern families and reinstate loyalty behind the Stark name in the place of her brother (or so we thought) is represented in the circle of her necklace.
"The chain represents her sense of imprisonment," which after being trapped in two non-consensual marriages and held against her will by Cersei Lannister, is likely a heavy burden on her. Clapton added that, "the needle is [Sansa's] link to the strength of her sister that she previously didn’t understand." As viewers know, Needle is the name of Arya's sword, and after being separated for so long, it makes sense that Sansa would want to hold a piece of her sister close to her heart — especially given the grave situation that the Stark family, and all of the Seven Kingdoms, is about to face come sunrise. If her necklace contains this much significance, we can only imagine what her armor might symbolize. Our eyes are glued to Clapton's social media accounts for that reveal. In the meantime, we can't help but wonder about the true hidden meaning behind Daenerys Targaryen’s white coat.

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