Kim Kardashian Is Not Kanye West’s Keeper, KUWTK

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Keeping Up With The KardashiansKanye West rehabilitation program continues. Just one week after KUWTK gave us Kim Kardashian and Kanye’s heavily produced outlook on their feud with the latter’s childhood friend Rhymefest, Sunday night’s “Kourtney’s Choice” delved into some new high-profile Yeezy drama. Namely, Kanye’s very public meltdown on Saturday Night Live. In the immediate aftermath of the October scene, even Pete Davidson couldn't stay quiet about the the “Yikes” performer.
Well, KUWTK is now giving viewers a look at the bizarro scandal, direct from the Kardashians. In a strange turn, the family must decide if, somehow, Kim Kardashian is at fault for her husband’s concerning behavior. It’s a conversation that comes up far more than anyone realizes — and needs to end ASAP.
For everyone who either blocked out Kanye West’s Saturday Night Live premiere antics, or simply forgot them after seven months, let’s go over them again. Usually, SNL ends with the host for the week — in this case, Adam Driver — thanking the cast, crew, musical guest, and any other special visitors for their hard work. Then, credits roll. This time, however, Ye closed out the show by starting a third song, “Ghost Town,” while wearing a MAGA hat. He then went on a minutes-long rant defending his support for Donald Trump as SNL’s bewildered cast stood behind him. The surrealist diatribe was cut from the live broadcast, but shared on social media, including one Chris Rock Instagram live stream. SNL’s longest running cast member Kenan Thompson described the rambling speech as a “hostage” situation.
This fiasco is what Kim has to answer for in the final minutes of KUWTK’s “Kourtney’s Choice,” which centers around the Kardashians’ trip to NYC for SNL. Mom Kris Jenner asks if “[Kanye] did a rant at the end,” in a casual tone reminding everyone such outbursts are par for the course here. Kim says yes and serves up her most self aware response to Kanye’s alarming conduct yet, saying, “Look, I can’t control it.”
She’s right. Kim can’t control what Kanye West says or when. As we find out earlier in the episode, Calabasas, CA-based Kim can’t even control whether her husband will announce to an entire theater of adoring fans he’s moving to Chicago permanently. When Kim confronts Kanye about his family-changing proclamation — and reminds him they have a fourth baby on the way — he shows no remorse. If she has no power when it comes to Kanye’s living situation plans, why would she have an ounce of control over his on-stage whims?
Unfortunately, Kris doesn’t see it that way. Instead she repeatedly suggests Kanye’s public fits can be blamed on Kim. “I just feel like to keep him calm, you really have to pay him more attention,” Kris says. Later she adds, “I think he’s just expecting a lot more than you’re giving.”
It’s a criticism reminiscent of last season’s odd bandage crisis. During that debacle, Kanye berated Kim for not giving him a Band-Aid product to his liking. When Kim attempted to defend herself in subsequent conversations with family members, the empathy wasn’t there. “Your husband still wants you to take care of him,” Khloé Kardashian said in voiceover over the spat. “I’m sure with three kids, you’re tired at the end of the day, and you don’t make that priority. But [Kim] really has to.”
At least it seems Koko has come around to her sister’s side of things. She is aghast over Kris’ hurtful “Kourtney’s Choice” advice, gasping and asking her mom, “What is wrong with you?” Kim’s sorta-brother-in-law Scott Disick then seriously steps up, fully defending her. “I feel like you guys are not supportive of Kim,” he says. “All of you are like, ‘Why don’t you do this? Why don’t you do that?’ Do you guys think that she can do more? He’s already moving to Chicago.”
With Khloé and Lord Disick solidly on Kim’s side amidst Kanye's worsening conduct, it’s only a matter of time until everyone else — momager Kris included — realizes Kim truly has nothing else to give.

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